Ultima 3 Product Review

ultima-3The Ultima 3 is a TENS unit that includes all the necessary features required in order to deliver therapeutic electrical stimulation, keeping the price low by cutting unneeded extra features.

Ultima 3 Product Features



This therapy unit includes the following features:

  •  The device operates with three separate modalities: modulation mode, normal mode, and burst modulation mode.
  • The dimensions of this device are a compact one and a half inches thick by two and a half inches wide by three and a half inches tall. Its weight, even with the battery installed, is a mere four and a half ounces.
  • The Ultima 3 unit e runs on the power of a nine volt battery, which makes it easily portable for use in the field or in areas where a wall outlet is not easily available.
  • The device uses a wave form of square biphasic asymmetric pulses.
  • The amplitude of pulse can be adjusted within a range from zero to eighty milliamps.
  • The frequency of pulse can be adjusted within a range of two Hertz to one hundred and fifty hertz.
  • The width of pulse can be adjusted within a range from sixty microseconds to two hundred and fifty microseconds.
  • When operating in burst mode, the device delivers nine pulses in each burst, at a rate of two bursts every second.
  • The manufacturer offers a full five year warranty on the TENS unit itself (although the warranty does not cover accessory elements like the electric leads or electrodes.
  • The purchase of this item includes the TENS unit itself, as well as electrical leads, a four pack of two inch by two inch self adhesive electrodes, a carrying case, a nine volt battery, and a user instruction manual for the operator.

What Buyers Like About the Ultima 3

  • Users particularly enjoy these features when they operate the unit:
  • Due to its streamlined and economical nature, this device is extremely easy to operate.
  • The flip-front plastic protective cover prevents accidental manipulation of the controls when the machine is in use. The operator can set the treatment parameters, close the front, and the therapy session will be underway without fear of accidental interruption, even when the device is being carried in a pocket or bag.
  • The portability of this device, due to its small size and its battery power, make it ideal for field work.

What Buyers Don’t Like About the Ultima 3e

A therapist or clinician used to operating devices with extra “bells and whistles” might worry that this device will not be up to their accustomed standards of therapy delivery.

 However, they quickly discover that those extra features are just that: extra. This machine provides all the functionality that a TENS unit requires, and the lack of such features as a timer will not cause any problems in delivering that therapy.


The Ultima 3 is a TENS unit that cuts to the chase, delivering therapeutic electrical stimulation without unnecessary extraneous features, allowing the machine to be marketed at a remarkably low price. Please use our live chat to Buy Medical Supplies and speak to a doctor or staff member that can help you choose the right Tens unit  for you.