Ultrasound U S 1000 3 rd Edition Review

ultrasound-1000The word “ultrasound” usually brings to mind the pre-natal look at a growing baby, but there are other medical uses for ultrasound equipment as well. The possible functions for ultrasound technology include therapeutic massage of soft tissues, and you can accomplish this at home with Ultrasound US 1000 3rd Edition.

Product Features


This ultrasound equipment is designed for private use, but constructed as professional grade. Many clinics employ it: it was specifically devised for ease of use and doesn’t require an ultrasound technician with training or certification.

The equipment specifications are as follows:

  • Included power cord (fifteen volts DC, one hundred and ten volts AC).
  • Bottle of water soluble ultrasound gel.
  • Power switch with automatic safety shut-down.
  • Extra head warning treatment feature.
  • Machine is fully portable, packaged in hard carrying case with a handle.

What Buyers Like About the Product

An ultrasound machine uses sound waves to create heat and vibration in the body’s soft tissues. From the standpoint of your musculature, this is the equivalent of a gentle heated massage of damaged or injured tissue.
It has the added advantage of being able to reach deeper tissues, in addition to the muscles just below the skin.
Users enjoy the restorative results of the deep-tissue ultrasound, which has proven beneficial in alleviating countless numbers of common complaints and conditions:

Contracture of connective tissues at the joints. The muscles in your limbs work in pairs, with one muscle contracting to extend the limb, and its partner contracting to bend the same limb. If one of those muscles “freezes up” or becomes unable to move, its partner is equally unable to perform its function. This problem can result from scarring, spasms, or nerve damage, and in many cases the damage can be reversed with the help of ultrasound massage.

Muscle spasms. A spasm is the involuntary contraction of muscle fibers. The contractions may happen in short bursts, or the contraction might hold for an extended period without being able to relax—a predicament known as cramp. Ultrasound massage can help restore the muscle fibers to their relaxed condition, ending the spasm or cramp.

Muscle pain. Sore or injured muscles can be relieved by the heat and gentle stimulation of ultrasound. The stimulation also helps by increasing blood circulation, which delivers more oxygen and nutrients to the affected areas.
What Buyers Don’t Like About the Product

The ultrasound has one safety feature that can cause inconvenience. The power switch automatically shuts off after ten minutes. However, it’s easy to switch it back on.


The Ultrasound US 1000 3rd Edition is an affordable and effective treatment option. This is a safe, value-for-money investment for your own well being.