Universal Ankle Wrap Product Review

universal-ankle-wrapThe Universal Ankle Wrap by Core is a comfortable, inexpensive, and effective support solution for an unstable or injured ankle.

Universal Ankle Wrap Product Features


This ankle wrap includes the following features:

  • The wrap is constructed of a soft plush elasticized fabric, segmented and ribbed to provide maximum flexibility and comfort.
  •  The width of the bandaging fabric is approximately three inches, which makes an ideal size for configuring figure eight supportive wrapping around the foot and ankle.
  • The unique eye and hook closure allows for variations of figure eight wrapping styles to facilitate a custom fit of the ankle wrap, closing each of those by fastening the hooks to the available eyes.
  • The Ankle Wrap is available in two colors, either black or a light flesh tone. If the wearer wants the wrap to be unobtrusive, the flesh tone might be a preferable option (depending on the skin tone of the wearer, of course), and if a wearer wants the wrap to blend with socks or trousers, the black option might be preferable.
  • This product is universal in its wear-ability. It can be used by a person of either gender and any size, without the need to find a different sized brace or fitted device. The wrap itself is designed to be configured to fit any user, and provide the same level of support regardless of the user’s size or shape.

What Buyers Like About the Universal Ankle Wrap

Users particularly enjoy these features when they use this product:

  • The wrap is far more comfortable than hard braces, provided the patient does not need the extensive amount of support that a brace would provide.
  • It can easily fit inside athletic shoes (sometimes with loosened laces, depending on the wrap configuration) so the wearer doesn’t need to hop around with a single shoe while using the wrap.
  • It can also be worn during athletic events, so an athlete recovering from an ankle injury can count on extra support from the wrap during a game or sporting event, without adversely affecting their other athletic equipment or their ability to perform on the field of play.

What Buyers Don’t Like About the Universal Ankle Wrap

This wrap is not designed to provide as much support as a hard ankle brace, so there are some injuries that would call for the greater amount of support. A potential wearer might be disappointed if they find they need to wear a brace rather than this comfortable and flexible wrap, but they can keep in mind that the wrap will become an option as their rehabilitation and recovery progress. When they reach the stage of recovery where they still need some support but no longer require the brace, this ankle wrap will be the perfect solution at that point.


The Universal Ankle Wrap by Core is an inexpensive and effective way to provide extra support for an injured or unstable ankle. It is comfortable to wear and easy to use, and provides strong support. Please use our live chat at Discount Medical Supplies and speak to a doctor or staff member that can help you choose the right Tens Unit for you.