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urological-productsThe selection of urological supplies available here will enable you to address any catheter related needs in a clinical practice or for use in home care.

Urological Products Features



The variety of supplies needed for catheter care include the following:

  • Antibacterial catheter tubing includes silicone designs with hydrophilic properties. The packaging enables you to keep the catheter tubing sterile in any type of setting, and you can select from the male catheters, female catheters, and pediatric sized catheter tubing.
  • Inexpensive insertion kits include all the supplies you need aside from the catheter tubing itself. Each kit includes skin swabs with iodine to sterilize the skin, a moisture proof drape to place beneath the patient, lubrication jelly, a pair of non latex vinyl gloves, a collection tray with a capacity of just over a liter, and a specimen jar with screw on cap and self adhesive label.
  • Additional accessories include tube holders, anchors, and self adhesive anchoring devices. Any of these products can be used to hold the catheter in place and prevent the catheter from slipping out or causing discomfort with excessive movement.
  • Drainage bags feature different designs that offer easy grip technology for ease of drainage and handling.
  • You can also select the option of an all inclusive catheter kit, which includes the catheter itself, as well as the drainage bag with thumb holes for easy handling.
  • In addition to the catheter supplies, there are absorbent pads and pouches that can be worn to contain any leakage.

What Buyers Like About the Urological Supplies

The urological products offered here boast the following features for patient comfort and ease of use:

  • These products are latex free for the safety of anyone with latex allergies, and each packaged to maintain sterility up until the moment of use.
  • The silicone construction of catheter tubing is specifically designed for maximum comfort for the patient.
  • Patients can avoid the discomfort of wet clothing or bed sheets by using the preventive absorption of a specially designed pad.
  • The EZ Grip technology of specified catheter kits makes it feasible for a person to handle the insertion and draining process even with limited functionality of the hands. The kit is designed for either female or male use.
  • Many of the catheters are constructed from silicone with nitro-furazone as an anti bacterial agent, and hydrophilic coating to prevent uncomfortable friction during the insertion process. The products are free of PVC, DEHP, and latex.

What Buyers Don’t Like About the Urological Products

A person unaccustomed to administering catheters might be surprised by the extensive equipment needed for proper care of the patient’s needs. However, the needed supplies are all available here, and at low cost. Once you are accustomed to the procedure, use of a catheter is actually far less complicated than it would appear at first.


When a catheter is called for, you want the top quality urological products at the best prices, and that is precisely what you will find here. Please use our live chat at Discount Medical Supplies and speak to a doctor or staff member that can help you choose the right Urological Supplies for you.