What are Ostomy supplies used for?

ostomy-suppliesHaving a stoma requires care and attention.  However, it does not mean you cannot have a normal life of daily activities, sports, and intimacy. Once you start a life with a stoma, you will need a wide variety of ostomy supplies to be able to lead a healthy and normal lifestyle.  So, what are ostomy supplies used for? In more general terms, we can say that ostomy supplies are used in many different ways to care and clean a stoma depending on the type of ostomy surgery the patient had and they can be applied in different situations upon the needs.  The correct ostomy supplies and the proper use they are given allow the patient

Among the many ostomy supplies that you can find there are closed and drainable pouches, skin barriers, security rings, deodorants, ostomy supply scissors, and others.  It is important to always consult a doctor or an ostomy nurse with any questions, information, or recommendations on a particular supply when needed.  Each patient is different therefore, it is best to have a professional opinion on a supply that is needed or wanted. It is always good to try out different supplies to see which suit patients' needs and are more comfortable. Supplier will always have new products to test.


Incompatibility and defectiveness are two of the most common problems pouching systems give the patient. When you encounter a defective product that brings pinholes, tears in pouch material or any other damage make sure you contact the manufacturer or the place where you purchased to get refunded or a replacement.  It's important to keep track of the lot numbers from the box when you get a defective product as other products of the same lot may have the same problems.

When dealing with incompatibility first you must get in touch with your doctor or ostomy nurse so they can troubleshoot and determine why the problem is happening. Incompatibility can include allergy to the pouch, wafer, or tape materials.  There can also be leakage because the wafer might not stick. If this is the case try alternate products until you find the one that is 100% suitable for you.

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