What is a Rollator?

mobility-aidsMobility aids such as canes, walkers and rollators are designed to assist people who need mobility improvement if they have some type of mobility impairment or if they need assistance while walking.  However, even after so much time has gone by after its creation, many people still ask, "What is a rollator"?

A rollator is basically a wheeled walker.  Polio sufferer Aina Wifalk invented it in 1978.  Her idea to build a rollator was funded by the Development Fund the Board of the Technological Development and Manufacture. Although the term "rollator" was a brand name originally, nowadays it is a generalized term for wheeled walkers around the world. In some European Countries, the rollator is used much more commonly than standard walkers are.


Another way to answer the question, "What is a rollator?" would be explaining what it consists of when it is built. A rollator is a frame made of a lightweight metal, with three or four wheels, handles and a seat. All these put together allow the user to stop and take a rest when they feel the need for one. Many rollators have alse been equipped with shopping baskets for those users or even caretakers that need somewhere to put their groceries for example.

On the market, you will still find your conventional walkers with wheels however; rollators are much more sophisticated than they are.  The height of the rollator can be adjusted and they are also light-weight.  Despite these two facts, they are sturdier than the average walker is.  Handlebars on rollators are equipped with hand brakes that when pushed down they will instantly freeze the rollator to a stop.

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