Xray supplies for your clinic at unbeatably low prices

When it comes time to shop for Xray supplies for your clinic, medical office, or hospital, there is no better source for high quality products at unbeatably low prices.
Xray supplies Features
The x-ray accessories available here include the following products and features:
Blue X-ray film is available in both full speed and half speed, and can be purchased in a variety of sizes and configurations.
Mailing envelopes and file folders, designed specifically for the transfer and storage of x-rays, are available in several sizes. Manila mailing envelopes come in sizes that range up to eighteen inches by fifteen and a half inches. Filers are designed in the shape of an envelope with an open end, and the sizes range up to fourteen and a half inches by seventeen and a half inches.
The ABX automatic film fixer for x-ray development is available in one-gallon jugs with thoughtful packaging. Techs appreciate the color coding system that visually distinguishes the different solutions from one another.

Another brand of T2 x-ray film fixer is offered in bulk packaging of two five-gallon jugs per case. The proprietary formula reduces buildup of the fixer thereby reducing the time and cost of maintenance, and also reduces vapor pressure to diminish the amount of noxious chemical fumes.
ABX automatic x-ray film developer follows the manufacturer’s color-coding system, and comes already mixed in a one gallon jug.
Another brand of x-ray film developer comes in bulk packaging of a pair jugs, each of them holding one and a quarter gallons of the solution.
What Buyers Like About the Xray supplies
These are some features enjoyed by X-ray technicians and staff who deal with the x-ray machines, films, and processes:
The color coded system of the x-ray film developing chemicals helps your staff to easily differentiate one solution from another, avoiding the risk of cross contamination and making it a simple matter to recognize and organize the different chemicals.
The x-ray film developing chemicals are infused with a lovely floral scented fragrance—a thoughtful touch that is deeply appreciated by technicians who would otherwise be exposed to the harsh stench of corrosive chemicals for the duration of their time in the developing lab.
Film developer solution is very versatile, and can be used not only for x-ray development, but also for laser films, amigo films, ultrasound films, and other applications.
What Buyers Don’t Like About the Xray supplies
Some facilities are moving away from the traditional film methods of preserving images, and moving toward digital technologies instead. For anyone moving from a digital set-up to the more traditional methods, the use of films and developing chemicals will take some adjustment.
Enjoy the convenience of one stop online shopping to restock all the Xray products your facility needs in order to keep running smoothly. Whether you are in need of x-ray film, x-ray mailers, or x-ray developing chemicals, you can take care of your whole shopping list without putting a dent in your budget.