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Anemia During Pregnancy and the Importance of Folic Acid

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Anemia can arise during pregnancy as a result of the biological changes implied by this beautiful process. Its early detection is fundamental for the health of the mother and the life of the baby she is carrying.

Addiction: Understanding the Condition

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Addiction is a condition that is caused when someone over-indulges in an activity or substance that is initially pleasurable, but becomes compulsive, notes Psychology Today.

This condition can alter a person’s behavior and can lead to health trouble, both because these individuals are over-consuming dangerous substances and placing stress on their body from the psychological dependence on these activities. Signs and symptoms may vary based on the type of addictive behavior present, notes Medical News Daily.

Understanding the Condition

Addiction can affect the body in a variety of different ways, so it is important to understand how to manage these symptoms as they arise according to Psychology Today.

•    Symptoms of a substance dependence problem may include making sacrifices for the substance, health problems from over indulgence, taking risks to gain access to this substance, obsession with the substance or an inability to stop using, says Medical News Today.

Viral Social Media Strikes Again Targeting Cancer

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The viral effect social media has on rumors strikes again.  The victim this time: Kyle Masssey.  Kyle is remembered as the young star from That's So Raven.  Massey is also known for his dancing, singing, comedy and musician talents.  He also appeared on ABC's show Dancing With the Stars in the 11th season and ended up as the runner up back then.

So what's  the rumor? Kyle was trending on Twitter this week as a rumor broke out that he was terminally ill with cancer. Kyle has stopped all rumors by coming forward with this statement:

"Overnight, it was trending on Twitter that I am dying of cancer. I want to say first, 'I do not have cancer,' and I don't know where this inconsiderate and insensitive rumor originated from"

He was actually very upset that such rumor had even started.  He is not dying of cancer and he took the rumor very personal.  Massey, who is 21, also stated that the disease has always been personal to him and to his family as he had 2 uncles and a closer friend who suffered cancer and are no longer with him.  His grandfather is currently battling prostate cancer and unfortunately, his grandmother is at a nursing home due to Alzheimer.  Rumors on diseases are something that Kyle does not take easily at all.

If you body is telling you something... Listen!

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Every day there are thousands of men, women, and children around the world trying to win the fight against cancer.  Many of these warriors have been able to beat cancer yet some others have lost the fight and are no longer with us.  Doctors refer to cancer as a malignant neoplasm where unregulated cell growth happens giving path to tumors that as they grow, end up invading adjacent body parts.  The lymphatic and the circulatory system can cause the cancerous cells to travel to other parts of the body.  Tumors can be cancerous as well as benign.  There are over 200 different types of cancers recorded in medical history.

There is a difference between the signs and the symptoms of cancer.  While they are both evidence that there is some sort of illness, disease or injury going on or that the body is not healthy, they vary between the two.  Signs can be seen by people around the patient.  For example, unregulated breathing, sweating, or rashes to the skin can be called signs.  Symptoms of cancer are those felt by the patient but not noticeable to others around.  Fatigue and pain are examples of symptoms.

Cancer can manifest a series of signs and symptoms.  The location and the size of the tumor will dictate the type of symptoms and the intensity.  When the cancerous cells travel through the bloodstream, then symptoms will be reflected in different parts of the body.

Talia Joy Castellano will Forever be Remembered

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Talia Joy Castellano, the 13-year-old Cover Girl sensation passed away this July 16 and the news on her death has created painful grief among all her followers and those who knew her story.  This YouTube beauty expert had been in a battle with cancer for 7 years and today she lost that fight.  Although her videos made her very popular, it was actually Ellen Degeneres' that boosted her fame when she invited Talia to her talk show and made it possible for her to become a Cover Girl.

This young and talented makeup artist inspired many people around the world through her YouTube, Instagram and Twitter account.  She was not only an icon for her makeup abilities, but also for her attitude towards life and her beauty. Beautiful face, beautiful eyes, and beautiful smile.

The type of cancer that took Talia Joy at such a young age is called neuroblastoma. This is a type of nerve cancer shows common cancer symptoms of joint pain, fever, loss of appetite and fatigue.  Other symptoms will be dictated by the primary tumor and its location. What makes this cancer so critical is that it will easily spread even before symptoms are visible. This will happen in more than half of the cases.

In one of her videos this role model and warrior explained how cancer was such a horrible and terrifying however but that in a way it had been a gift.  She loved how she was able to inspire people and how so many people looked up to her. She loved the confidence she got from this and how she could go anywhere without wearing a wig because of that confidence.

The popular MyFitnessPal App is a favorite!

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Staying on the topic of mobile apps and health, here is one app that we completely agree with: MyFitnessPal App.  Many people around the world turn to technology in hopes of getting a better grasp on how they can change their habits to improve their health and quality of life.  There might be many health and fitness apps out there, however it looks like a favorite one among the public is MyFitnessPal without a doubt.

The first step after downloading the app on your mobile device is to enter your age, your gender and the activity level that you currently have at the time. You will also have the option of adding target weight that you want to lose.  Based on the profile that you create, the app will provide you with a potential period of time for this goal to be completed and the amount of calories one should take daily to be able to reach that goal.  The app is filled with charts and graphics that will serve as a better explanation to the user of what is really going on and will explain nutritional breakdowns, exercise habits and other trends related to weight loss.

MyFitness Pal is able to tell you what you are doing wrong in regards to your eating habits.  It has a database that contains over 2 million food submissions.  Anything from products you can find at the supermarket to fast food restaurants and natural products, you will be able to find it all or even add you own if you do not find it in the database.  It will ask you for all the nutritional information found on the products label and it will save it for you.

Randy Travis Still Critical While Country Family Prays For Him

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We have been following up on Randy Travis' health condition for the past few days.  The country music icon has been getting outpouring support from fellow country singers and from fans all over the world after he was hospitalized in a Texas health care center due to Viral Cardiomyopathy.

A few weeks ago, no one would have ever imagined that Randy would be going through this, as he seemed to be in "good health".  Unfortunately, the unexpected happened and a viral infection sent him straight to the operating room.  It is believed that this lead to congestive heart failure however, according to doctors, he showed a satisfactory improvement after suffering a stroke on Wednesday.

Wednesday night, at around 9:30 PM ET Randy Travis was rushed into the emergency room, as doctors had to release some of the pressure his brain was going through due to the stroke.  The media reported he was out of surgery after midnight and until today he still in critical condition surrounded by the best doctors and medical supplies in the ICU.

Smart Phone Apps will never replace your physician! Ever!

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The word "smart" when talking about Smart Phones tends to get highly overrated.  Nowadays, it is extremely easy to monitor fitness goals to calories and more using smart phone health apps.  So yes, it is true that technology has been making our lives easier repeatedly, however, there will never be enough apps that will replace the importance of the interaction with your doctor.

When you visit your doctor, there are two very important factors happening. There's a technical component where the doctor takes the time to gather the information on your symptoms and signs that he will use to diagnose your condition and provide treatment.  The other important factor is the emotional factor.  It involves the doctor's interaction and how he can demonstrate through body language that he is interest in what you have to say.

A good way to use technology is by emailing your doctor when you have to follow-up and ask about when and how to take a medication.  Another great example where technology serves great purpose is when you get medical exam results and depending on the type of exam, you can always email them to your doctor.  There is no reason why you would have to spend hours in your doctor's waiting room that might even be full of sick people with contagious viruses, when you can use technology to keep in contact with him over things like these.  However many health apps out there are not recommended and have not even been approved by the FDA

14 Most Common Medical & Cosmetic Procedures in USA

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Millions of people undergo surgical and cosmetic procedures every year.  Do you want to know who is crowding the operating rooms in the US according to statistics? Take a look at the following information:

Tara Costa gets Sued for Gaining Weight

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It was only yesterday that we were talking about Chris Pratt's body transformation.  Well today, we have another name that made the headlines in the past due to her simply stunning body transformation that got her to the finals at the popular reality show The Biggest Loser. Yes, it is none other than Tara Costa!  Do you remember her? 

Now that you have put a face and body to the name you will know who they are talking about when you read headlines like "Tara Costa, Biggest Loser Star, Sued for Alleged Weight Gain" or "Biggest Loser" Finalist Tara Costa Sued Over Weight".  It looks like Tara is being sued by FC Online Marketing Inc due to her violating the business agreement that she had signed with the company by gaining too much weight.

Tara appeared in “The Biggest Loser: Couples 2” and by shedding a total of 155 pounds by the end of the show,  she turned into a role model and a great marketing strategy for any fitness company that would lay their eyes on her.

The lawsuit was filed in a U.S District Court in Florida stating that Tara had unfortunately put on a bit too many pounds to represent the company by making personal appearances on their behalf. 


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