10 Things you need to know about depends diapers

10 things diapers

You could certainly depend on depends diapers sight unseen, but if you’re a Doubting Thomas, these facts should assuage you.

  1. Worn by man and woman. Depend products are available for both male and female users. Incontinence does not affect men and women alike, thus the need for undergarments that specifically address each gender’s needs.
  1. No-fly zone. Depend products do not have a fly in front; this is a result of wanting to provide the maximum level of protection possible.
  1. The making-of. These products consist of a thin-absorbing pad made with extra absorbent polymers that wicks moisture away from the skin. They do not contain latex, lotions, or fragrances.

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  1. Don’t let it mellow but don’t flush it down either. If you ever lived the life of a bachelor you probably turned your underwear inside out and wore it for another week. This is not the case here; these products are single-use and disposable. In other words, they should be used once and then discarded properly. That is, in a trash bag or other waste container but not flushed down the toilet. Users are advised to carry an extra diaper in a backpack or purse in case they need to change on the go (use a public restroom and throw the used diaper in the waste basket).
  1. I pity the pool. Sadly, Depend does not make products that can be used in a pool.
  1. Shop smart, shop Discount Medical Supplies. You can purchase depends diapers right here at DMS, as well as many other incontinence products.
  1. Ch-ch-ch-changes. The frequency with which you should change your adult diaper should be based on your specific condition and other individual factors. In any case, the aforementioned super absorbent polymers make sure that it does not have to be changed as often as other brands.
  1. It’s a wash. Their super absorbency ensures that these products can endure numerous wettings of diverse amounts, but as noted above, they are to be disposed of after a single use. All of that is to say that they are not washable.
  1. Bowel harmony. Adjustable underwear is recommended for bowel incontinence, as it provides superior absorbency, odor control, and can be removed like regular underwear or by opening side perforations.
  1. No IBS. Pull on style underwear is recommended for superior protection in cases of irritable bowel syndrome. Moreover, protection with tabs is advised in more severe cases of IBS. 

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