11 best knee braces for running and other sports

best knee braces

The best knee braces for running and practicing other physical activities help to prevent and treat common knee injuries among athletes.

  1. HG80 hinged knee brace. Patented Hydracinn fabric, triaxial hinges, tibial containment, inner slip-proof strips, flatlock seams, form-fitting hourglass design, adjustable and comfortable fit.
  1. HG80 knee brace. Supportive steel springs, tibial containment system, anti-slip inner strips, flatlock seams, form-fitting hourglass design, adjustable and comfortable fit.
  1. Mueller green adjustable hinged knee brace. Manufactured with reused materials, self-adjusting, superior medial-lateral support, soft non-petroleum based neoprene blend provides heat-retention management to reduce pain, speed up the healing process and promote knee flexibility.

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  1. Wraparound knee support. Lightweight, it offers comfort and compression and preserves full range of motion for weakened, injured, or arthritic knees.
  1. Cho pat dual action knee strap. Steady pressure above and below the kneecap to relieve pain and promote healing of weak knees, and at the same time preserve mobility. Enhanced patellar tracking and elevation, decreased patellar subluxation, and decreased quadriceps misalignment (which can cause the surface under the kneecap to erode).
  1. Cho pat knee strap. Designed to relieve kneecap irritation – also known as chondromalacia. Applies pressure on the tendon below the knee as the knee bends and straightens. Helps guide the kneecap into the groove, enhancing tracking and helping to distribute pressure uniformly over the surface area. Additionally, it slightly raises the kneecap, relieving damaging pressure.
  1. Elastic knee brace. Four-way X-action design and elastic construction provide effective joint control for weak or injured knees. It aids stiff, swollen and painful knees. Ideal for sports as well as work, home or leisure.
  1. Jumper’s knee strap. Adjustable strap designed to enhance patellar tracking and elevation by exerting slight pressure on the tendon below the kneecap. Tubular insert uniformly relieves pain.
  1. Knee pads. Protection from bumps, bruises, and friction burns during physical activity.
  1. Knee sleeves. Available with both closed and open patella, knee sleeves promote circulation, aid in healing, and supply comforting warmth for joint flexibility.
  1. Futuro Sport Adjustable Knee Strap. A neoprene blend strap with adjustable Velcro®tab for custom fit that provides gentle, adjustable pressure and support to the tendon below knee. Strap enables correct patellar tracking, and evenly distributes pressure around the knee to relieve kneecap discomfort. Lightweight, soft material for comfortable support.

These are some of the best knee braces for running and other sporting activities. Ask your doctor what the best alternative for you is.

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