25 examples of the very best medical supplies online

25 Examples Medical Supplies Online

The Internet is a massive medicine cabinet thanks to the emergence of medical supplies online. Medical supplies fall into many categories, including ostomy, diabetes, incontinence, nutrition, and many more. All of the following products are available at Discount Medical Supplies.

Medical supplies online


  1. Ostomy/colostomy bag

This is a bag or pouch intended to collect waste that has been surgically redirected through an incision in the body called a stoma. Ostomy bags can be open or closed, two-piece or one-piece systems.

  1. Skin barriers

While the pouch is attached to the abdomen, a skin barrier is applied over and around the stoma to protect the skin from urine or stool output. Skin barriers can come in the form of topical ointments or creams, wipes, adhesive barrier rings, and more.  

  1. Stomahesive

Wafers or paste used to fill in and protect uneven skin surfaces next to an ostomy.

  1. Adhesive remover

Pads or wipes used to cleanse adhesive residue left on the skin when changing skin barriers or pouches.

  1. Deodorant

Ostomy deodorants such as DevKo Tablets are employed to control the odor of a reusable pouch and its contents.

  1. Irrigation

Irrigation supplies include tubes connected to the pouch in order to drain bags that are used for prolonged periods or at night.

  1. Belts

Ostomy belts are worn to secure the pouch in place so that the user can go about their day comfortably.


  1. Glucose meters

These devices allow diabetics to monitor their blood sugar levels regularly and accurately.

  1. Diabetes testing medical supplies online

Mainly test strips and lancets to draw and manipulate the small sample of blood that the glucose meter needs to provide blood sugar level readings.

  1. Glucose control solution

Used to test the accuracy of glucose meters.

  1. Skin care

Creams, lotions, and ointments to protect and heal the sensitive skin of diabetic patients.

  1. Socks and shoes

Diabetics, particularly those with or prone to neuropathy need to pay special attention to their lower extremities.

  1. Insulin medical supplies online

Syringes, pens, reservoirs, organizers, and other products designed for the transport and administration of insulin.


  1. Intermittent

Intermittent catheters are temporarily introduced into the bladder through the urethra and removed once the flow of urine has ended.

  1. Foley

Also known as indwelling catheters, they remain inside the balder and are connected to a drainage at one end; at the other end is a balloon that can be inflated and deflated to keep the catheter from slipping out or to remove it, respectively.

  1. External

This is a male catheter that is placed over the penis like a condom and attached to a drainage bag. Contrary to the two types of catheters mentioned above, this does not consist of a tube inserted into the bladder, and is available in different shapes, sizes, and materials. However, it does have to be changed on a daily basis.

  1. Drainage bags

The bags attached to catheters that collect urine vary in size; smaller leg bags are taped to the leg and usually worn during the day to allow the freedom of movement. Larger bags are mostly used at night. In either case, the drainage bag must remain lower than the bladder at all times to keep urine from flowing back up.

Exam gloves

  1. Latex

Provide enhanced comfort, fit, tactile sensitivity, durability and dexterity, but may cause a negative reaction in people allergic to latex.

  1. Nitrile

A rubber-like synthetic polymer without the allergic reactions of latex.

  1. Vinyl

Cheap, not as conformable or durable as nitrile, but latex-free.

Tape and bandages

  1. Cotton

Soft and malleable material that can be used to clean a wound with antiseptic or apply skin products.

  1. Gauze

Can be used either to clean cuts before bandaging or over the wound.

  1. Conforming bandages

Rolls of flexible gauze that adapt to the outlines of any body part.

  1. Elastic bandages

Compression bandages that can provide a wound dressing or splint with support or stabilize a joint.

  1. Medical tape

Available in different materials and for several different purposes.


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