30 things you absolutely must know about Biofreeze


1. Biofreeze is a topical analgesic that temporarily relieves mild musculoskeletal pain stemming from backache, arthritis, strains, bruises, and sprains. Biofreeze can be applied directly to the affected area without massaging it.

2. Biofreeze was originally developed in 1991 by a healthcare provider who was looking for a means to relieve his grandmother’s arthritic symptoms. More than 20 years later, this product has become the go-to reliever for millions of people all around the world. 
3. You can buy Biofreeze at Discount Medical Supplies whether you are a user, a practitioner, a physical therapist, etc.
4. You do not require a prescription to buy Biofreeze. This product is not sold in retail outlets or local drugstores.
5. The mechanism of action of Biofreeze consists of a counter-irritant effect produced by menthol and that blocks pain signals to the brain. This is based on the Gate Control theory of pain in which stimulation of nerves intercepts the transmission of pain impulses. Menthol is also believed to trigger the skin’s cold receptors which may play a part in pain relief.

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6. Biofreeze follows the same principle of cold application to achieve pain relief that is the crux of cold therapy –also known as cryotherapy. The cooling and re-warming of tissue that promotes circulation throughout the affected area is more often than not accomplished through the application of ice. Biofreeze has that same effect but also allows the user to stay active at the same time, enabling you to pair cryotherapy with exercise, which forms the basis of cryokinetics.
7. Biofreeze is one of the most popular topical analgesics and is highly recommended by chiropractors, therapists, and podiatrists, among other healthcare professionals. 
8. Biofreeze can be applied as many as four times in a single day.
9. Biofreeze has undergone all FDA-mandated studies, including skin sensitization, drug stability, and process validation testing, as well as clinical trials.
10. Biofreeze in all of its forms may be applied during an airplane flight.
11. Biofreeze is available in a variety of sizes such as 3 oz, and 4 oz, and in many presentations as well, including roll-on, spray, and gel. 
12. Biofreeze has a shelf life of two years. Regularly check the expiration date on the package to make sure that the product still retains its pain-relieving properties.
13. Biofreeze’s active ingredient is menthol. 
14. Biofreeze’s inactive ingredient is Ilex.
15. Biofreeze does not contain gluten, or any other grain-based product.
16. As a topical analgesic with low absorption potential, Biofreeze shouldn’t have negative interactions with other medications, but you should ask your doctor nevertheless, just to be on the safe side.
17. Pregnant or breastfeeding women should consult a doctor as well before using Biofreeze.
18. Biofreeze contains USDA-approved color additives that are used in cosmetic products, over the counter drugs, and even food.
19. You should not use a heating pad at the same time as Biofreeze; not only would the heat of the pad counter the cooling effect of Biofreeze, but it could result in injury too.
20. You should not bandage the area of application either.
21. If you get Biofreeze in your eyes, rinse them with lukewarm water, or take a warm shower for 15 minutes, letting the water hit your forehead and run down through your eyes. 
22. Biofreeze is not indicated for sunburn pain, nor should it be used in a tanning booth or sauna. 
23. Biofreeze is not meant to relieve insect bites or poison ivy.
24. Biofreeze does not relieve headaches. 
25. Biofreeze should not be applied over wounds or damaged skin.
26. Biofreeze is FDA-registered.
27. Biofreeze is not available as aspirin.
28. Biofreeze does not contain capsaicin.
29. Diabetic patients can safely use Biofreeze.
30. Biofreeze does not contain animal products nor is it tested on animals. 

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