5 best portable TENS unit ratings

TENS unit ratings are a subjective thing. What works for one user may not necessarily work for another. One thing all can agree on though is that portable TENS devices are a convenient way to bring pain relief with you wherever you may go. These are five of the best such portable units.

  1. TENS 7000. This pain management digital unit with dual channels allows patients to use it with either two or four electrodes – which are included, as are a carrying case and 9 volt battery. Amazon customers have given this product an average rating of 4½ stars out of five. People like it because it is easy to use and comes with highly adjustable pulse rate, pulse duration, and intensity. One of these users wrote “as I type this review my hips are buzzing with the power of this little dynamo. The ability to change modes, timer, and intensities is easier than I imagined it would be. The case is padded and sturdy. There is more power than I'd ever be able to tolerate.' and 'I have a recurring lower back injury and this therapy sure does help. When I go to the chiropractor, he uses a TENS machine as part of the treatment so having a similar machine at home has been a big benefit.” This unit is believed to be as powerful as a professional device and to deliver similar results.
  1. Twin Stim Plus 2nd Edition. A two-in-one TENS and EMS device that relieves pain and stimulates muscles. This machine can be used with up to four electrodes, but includes 8 just in case, as well as battery, four lead wires, AC adapter, carrying case and instruction manual. Users believe this product is well worth their money and it also compared with professional units.
  1. Deluxe TENS unit. This device can easily fit inside a pocket yet is fully equipped with dual and single channels with modulation and burst modes and adjustable pulse width, frequency, mode, and time. Includes 4 self-adhering reusable electrodes, lead wires, battery, instructions, and carrying case.
  1. TENS 3000 3-mode with Timer Tens Unit. A dual channel TENS device with three modes (normal, burst, and modulation) and timer. Also includes lead wires, self-adhesive electrodes, 9v battery, hard plastic carrying case, and instruction booklet.
  1. TENS 7000 To Go. A most portable TENS device as its name suggests, it comes with all the features of the regular TENS 7000 plus a conductive spray, snap-on lead wire, and conductive electrode support belt that carries the current locally and directly to the pain site. Easy and safe to set up and use.

Of course these TENS unit ratings are not set in stone. Any given user can rearrange the order of the list or add or remove devices according to his or her own taste and experience. 

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