5 Day-to-Day Useful Living Aids for Seniors

An active life is a healthy life, and for older adults this couldn’t be any truer. Physicians believe that older adults should engage on some moderate and safe physical activities to improve the overall quality of life they enjoy on their later years. Older adults who tend to live a more sedentary life have their strength considerably reduced with time, and eventually their mobility will be considerably deterred. A hazard that the elderly face is the risk of falling down. One fall could cause serious injury and, the stats say that one out of three seniors fall each year.

The very best way to prevent such accidents and to promote a more active lifestyle (specially for our seniors), is for them to adopt certain safe activities that will not only provide the benefits of them being more active, it will also provide them with a sense of independence and self reliance. Also we will review different aids that can help on achieving the goal of having more mobility.

1- To go from a sitting to a standing position can be almost like a monumental task for our seniors. It is vital that they are able to perform this task. It is fairly common that some older adults when faced with the obstacle of not being able to stand properly by their own means, could fall into depression and give in to some conditions such as becoming institutionalized because of those same limitations. That is why is could be very useful for them to get a lifting cushion. Using it can even eliminate the need of their caregiver’s assistance standing up. These devices are designed to provide a safe and gentle boost for the elders while standing up.

2- Another helpful aid that can provide assistance to the elders while standing up on the bathroom, from the toilet or a bathtub is installing some grab bars. While the traditional handy metal bars are always a great option, there are also other alternative that can adjust to the different surfaces found in most common bathrooms.  Alternatives like the Bar Tub Safe-er-Grips are fantastic options that will provide a sturdy and safe support for your elders, they will also not damage your bathroom walls.

3- Some seniors start to have a more sedentary lifestyle when normal activities they used to perform are no longer possible. Those who drive whenever they have great difficulty standing up, will very likely begin to adopt a more inactive way of life.  That is why if seniors were to require a some aid getting out of a vehicle there are multiple handy bars that can be installed for them so they can continue driving and living a normal life.

4- Once standing, older adults can have a very limited mobility, those who can still get around, but perhaps lack the balance they once had could rely on the use of a walking cane, these canes can definitely serve as support for them and can help them maintain balance. Some canes even have an elegant and flair look for more dignity.

5- In more severe cases, when balance and perhaps an injury had taken place, a walker could be the answer. Now there are several designs and types of walkers from different manufacturers, but recently some have ben redesigned to include coasters and rollers to help provide a more active lifestyle for the elders. These are called rollators, and they are equipped with safety brakes, confortable handles and even padded seats. Which makes them an excellent aid for senior including those who might have experienced a fall previously and were injured.

These five aids can help encourage a more active lifestyle for seniors in a very safe environment. An active body is a healthy body, and more so for our seniors, as keeping active and independent can do wonders for their self-esteem.