5 reasons why you should power nap

Power Nap

I long for the day where the stigma against napping is finally flushed down the toilet. Wouldn’t it be nice to live in a world where you could take 20 minute a nap everyday, hopefully right after lunch, without drawing scrutiny from people around you? Right now, the vast majority of people if you where to characterize the word “lazy” you would probably imagine a person with their feet up, taking a nap. “Sleeping? During the day? How dare they!”

I’m going to throw more fuel into the fire. Here we are going to examine 5 damn good reasons why this whole nap debate is put to rest (excuse the pun).

1-Power naps are good for the memory

According to several published studies, a power nap of 45 minutes can help your memory. Boosting it by five times. According to a recent study performed by the Saarland University in Germany, taking a power nap will help you retain information and improve your “recall” in a great way.

2-Napping will make you more alert (when awake, of course)

Back in 1995, a study performed by none other than NASA (so you know it’s serious business) demonstrated that napping for an average of 25 minutes during the day would make you more alert and improve your reaction time. Their study consisted in monitoring 747 pilots who had the habit of power napping; the results in their performance test were considerably superior to those who didn’t nap.

3- Napping > Caffeine

A cup of Joe in the morning can help anybody wake up in the early hours, but if you were to compare a cup of coffee to having a power nap, caffeine is no match. If you must be awake and alert, drinking caffeine drinks lime coffee or Energy drinks might “wake you”, but you will be feeling wired and “jumpy”. Your alertness might not be as good as you think. By napping, the body will have a natural boost of energy that will help you feel stable and energized.

4-Napping promotes a healthy heart

Having the habit of napping regularly is a great way to help your body manage your blood pressure. By taking naps during the day you will hasten cardiovascular recovery, especially if you have gone through psychological stress. It has been proven many times that napping can effectively lower your blood pressure.

5- Napping can help fight obesity, like a boss!

This might sound a bit far fetched to some, but it is true. If you spend regular amounts of time during the day in front of the TV just channel surfing. You might feel like you are resting but you are not. Sitting in the couch watching TV can help the body become static and therefore promote weight gain. Napping on the other hand, in short periods allows for the energy to be replenished. Of course overdoing it, could potentially promote weight gain, taking naps helps the body have more energy and thus have the capability of becoming more active.

We might still be years away from being able to catch a few Z’s on your desk without your boss getting upset, but undeniably the evidence is piling up   to make a case for napping.