5 TENS Unit Accessories to always keep in hand


It is absolutely necessary to have the right elements in hand when using your TENS unit for a correct transcutaneous electrical nerve stimulation therapy, otherwise your pain relief will not be successful and you might have to endure it little longer.

Most TENS units are pocket sized for a better patient comfort and ease at their treatment specifications, since a patient might need the electrical pulse several times a day or when the pain is quite sharp. The unit itself will do no good for your pain care, unless you have the right accessories at hand. Here are the 5 accessories you need for any 


TENS unit:
  • Electrodes: Electronic semiconductors that emits or collects electrons and can also control their movement. These small foam squares (or any shape) have adhesive qualities and can be placed on the skin of the affected area, either directly on top of it or surrounding it; always in key points along the nerve pathway. They are also integrated with a conductive gel based in water and salt. The electrodes can come in different sizes depending on the type of pain. 
  • Lead Wires: Electric conductive wires that connect the TENS unit to the electrodes and can hold the amperage designated from the unit. They have connective pins on either side or some could already come attached to the unit. Also, they can be compatible with a wide range of TENS units.
  • 9V Battery: They are the standard battery for most TENS units. They are mercury and cadmium free and can hold up to 50 hours of stimulation. It is strongly recommended for TENS therapy to always have them in stock or at least have a rechargeable type.
  • Conductive Spray: To be applied on the area where you will be applying the electrodes. Most usually come with antiperspirant components to maintain a dry area, helping the connectivity and increases the life expectancy of the electrodes. They make the preparation for electrotherapy stimulation therapy easier and successful.
  • Biofreeze Gel/Spray: Or any other type of cold therapy muscular or joint pain relief that promotes a short-term faster recovery penetrating quickly and not leaving a stain or strong smell behind. They can give your TENS therapy a long lasting aid.
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**For any other complementary accessories it is best to consult with your caregiver. 

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