Achieving Optimal Health is no Utopia

We all want to achieve optimal health. That’s no secret. Diet guides and healthy lifestyle resources are always the being updated to the next best thing. People around the world are constantly trying to keep up to their new year’s resolution of getting back in shape.  In these times of nonstop chaos and stress, it is extremely difficult to reach the ideal health.  Nevertheless, it is still possible for anyone to reach an optimal healthy life when the meaning of optimal health is truly understood.

What is Optimal Health?

You tell me! Because in the end that is what optimal health is all about: YOU! Your optimal health is constituted of three factors:

Physical abilities

Mental abilities

Emotional abilities


It’s important to understand that each of these factors have one thing in common: Your Personal Best. Your optimal health will never be the same as someone else’s optimal health. You follow?  The point is, parting from the fact that we are all different, we all focus on differently on what we want for each of these factors personally.  For one person, the optimal health they achieve may not be good enough for another.  Right or wrong does not count in these cases. There is only what’s right for each person.

Health Types

Let’s understand the different types of health we all have.  The first one to take into account is your physical health. It is where diet, exercise and doctor visits come in.  Emotional health is your stability when stress hits you and also the way you feel about yourself and how it affects your everyday life.  Your social health and your intellectual health is also part of your emotions. Last but not least, spiritual health is among the health types that you must consider.  For some people spiritual health is as big and important as they want to make it, but when it’s big, it can be extremely important as physical health.

How to obtain optimal physical health?

-Healthy Diet

-No drinking alcohol

-No smoking

-No substance abuse


-Visiting doctor regularly


At your own pace and on a progressive scale all this and has to be done to achieve your own physical health. For example, exercise intensity may be different among individuals for them to achieve their physical health goals.  Diets also differ and work differently on everyone.

How to obtain optimal emotional and mental health?

-Openly express your emotions and feeling

-Learn to deal with stress

-Seek a psychiatrist if you need one

-Reduce TV time

-Spend time out in nature

-Read more

Again,  all of the above work differently on each person.  Not everyone accepts needing the help of a psychiatrist.  We on the other hand deal with stress in a different manner. Last but not least, expressing your emotions or better said, NOT doing it, can take a toll on you.  So it is very important not to hold anything in and learn how to communicate and express what you feel because you do not want anything “eating you up inside”.

How to obtain optimal spiritual health?



-Go to church

-Read holy scriptures of your preference

It is very personal, I know, but it is still an important aspect to consider.   Your optimal spiritual health is in your hands and only you can decide how to manage it. Some people go to church, others meditate. No matter what you do always search for your inner peace and to connect with your spiritual beliefs. It has been proven to be extremely beneficial.

All these factors and types of health are related. If you are in your best physical shape, it does not mean you are good to go.  If your emotional health is not as good, you will not be in optimal health. Balancing all the areas in your life is the key to achieving your optimal ideal health.