Active Play Sparks Better Thinking Skills in Children

active play

At school, physical education is fundamental to the development of thinking skills for children, according to a new study revealed recently. A team of professors and researchers of kinesiology at the University of Illinois, recently published their study’s results that state that physical activity in children stimulates brain activity and subsequently equals better thinking skills. This study is hoping to raise more awareness of the importance of keeping classes like physical education of school programs.

Charles Hillman, the leading professor in charge of the research stated: “If you consider the anthropology of humankind, we were designed to move”.  The research team gathered their information from a group of children between the ages of 7 to 9. The children were made to play for at least 70 minutes daily for a period of 9 months under the program called Fitness Improves Thinking in Kids. During those 70 minutes the children participated on activities like running around and playing tag, playing soccer, jump rope and other physical games.

After the physical activity portion of the research children were subjected to multitasking tests. The children who were involved on the physical activities were able to answer, not only quicker, but also correctly on several tests. To further test what these initial results found, the research team performed brain scans of the children and showed what was described as a “substantial amount of brain activity” on the children who partook on the physical activity games. The initial results give light to further investigate the link between physical activities and how the brain retains new knowledge, process thoughts and sharpens skills. Further research will unveil more information on those links.

However, one thing is for certain. The results of these studies prove once more that children need to remain active. Physical activity during a child’s life is crucial. Making sure they are able to go out there and act like kids and just play, That’s why it is important for parents to stimulate children to get proper physical activities and games. Regardless of their conditions, children with special needs can also have their share of physical activities. Not only will it stimulate their brain activities, it will lift their spirits and do wonders for the self-esteem. As the researchers of the University of Illinois, the results prove that the importance of fitness of children is not limited to their waistline but also to their thinking skills.

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