ADHD or ADD Symptoms — For Kids and Adults Alike

ADD is a condition that can be difficult to diagnose, particularly in young, active children. Understanding the symptoms and the variety of options that are available to manage attention disorders can help you find a program that is both effective and healthy.

What is ADHD?

ADHD refers to attention deficit hyperactivity disorder while ADD refers to attention deficit disorder, which has very similar treatment plans and symptoms.

•    According to, surgeries have indicated that youths with these conditions suffer from a delay in natural brain batters in the areas which control their ability to plan, pay attention and think clearly.

• also notes that the cortex shows a delayed maturation by around 3 years which can contribute to this condition.

•    The Mayo Clinic notes that common symptoms of wither disorder include difficulty maintaining attention, frequent daydreaming, difficulty following through with instructions, frequent distractions, fidgeting, squirming or excessive talking.

The Mayo Clinic also warns that many healthy children are mistaken to have these conditions simply because they are very active to have a short attention span. If your child tends to be very energetic but eventually tires out they are likely normal.

Addressing Attention Conditions

The Mayo Clinic warns that a child should not be placed into care for ADD, simply because they are different from their peers.

•    Adjusting a child’s diet to remove artificial ingredients and sugar can often help to minimize symptoms, according to Web MD.

•    There are several medications on the market, according to Web MD, which include non-stimulant and stimulant medications that encourage functional brain activity.

Exercise has also been found to stimulate comfortable brain activity, particularly in adults that suffer from these conditions.

Products to Manage Symptom

ADHD treatment will require very personalized treatment, but there are some steps parents can take to assist their children with managing their symptoms.

•    Ensuring your child has good nutrition is a key step in preventing symptoms. Providing a multivitamin like PharmaPure Antioxidant Multi-Nutrient Formula can help to fill in the gaps that may be missing from their diet.

•    Encouraging good neurological health is also essential to managing the symptoms of attention deficit disorder. Nature’s Pride Vitamin B50 Complex Timed Release Tablets is enriched with vitamin B50 that can calm an overactive nervous system.

•    Addressing environmental concerns may also help to control symptoms of this condition. Greenwave Dirty Electricity Filters Workplace Solution EMF Filters are found to remove dirty electricity from a room. This dirty electricity has been linked to increasing the symptoms of ADHD.

When managing symptoms of attention deficit disorder it is essential that you work closely with your doctor and check in often to ensure that your child is receiving the care they need. In many cases you will need to alter your child’s medication as they age, as these medications are often prescribed based on your child’s body weight.

If you suspect that your child suffers from ADD/ADHD it is important to consult with an informed psychologist and work together with your pediatrician to determine the best course of action.