Altruism and Health: The Healing Power of Giving

When we give back to people in need  we are not supposed to think about how good we are or much less believe that without us the person receiving would have nothing.  When you find it in your heart to help someone in any way shape or form, you must do it without waiting for anything in return.  We do not do it for people to think we are heaven sent, to show off or to get any sort of recognition.  Nevertheless, we can benefit in a certain way when we start giving back, helping and putting others need before ours.  By giving back to those in need, we are actually putting ourselves in a channel of wellness and health. Altruism is one of the core values that Discount Medical Supplies as a company tries to employ on our everyday endeavors.

It all begins with Altruism

Altruism is when you think about other people’s needs and put them before your own. It can be as simple as giving your seat to someone who needs it more in the bus. If you are an altruist, you will be in a constant search to help out and provide your resources to those in need of attention or assistance. 

Examples of Altruism:

·         Being generous

·         Being kind

·         Having compassion

·         Volunteering

·         Donating

There have been researches done to prove that altruism is a good practice, not only for what it gives to society but also for the positive benefits it brings to those who do it.  Here’s why:

1-      It makes us feel good:  When we put out time into helping others we tend to forget or not think about our problems so much. We get involved in the community by improving the social support. We become leaders. It improves our self-esteem.

2-      Gives us a sense of belonging:  When we volunteer to provide a face to face assistance we leave loneliness and isolation behind. We become part of a social network and the feeling of belonging to that group will reduce the chances of depression.

3-      Makes us grateful: Sometimes you do not realize the blessings surrounding you until you get to see into other people’s lives. We realize that there are others who are by far less fortunate than us.  This helps stress levels go down when you understand that your life is as good as it gets sometimes.

4-       Changes the world:  Acts of kindness can be contagious.  All it takes for it to go viral is for one to start doing something and others to follow.  The world becomes a better and happier place to live in as optimism, happiness; confidence and control are spread through all those who get into the cause.

5-      What goes around comes around:  And that is exactly what happens when you perform any type of act of kindness.  You will see how blessings come your way at the same time that you start to add up your causes. In a way, you are also being kind to yourself.

How is your health affected by Altruism then?

All of the facts mentioned above will have both a direct and indirect impact on your physical health. As a company, Discount Medical Supplies believes in applying Altruism in everything we do. Our staff shares this belief, and understands that by taking care of others, we are taking care of ourselves. Think of it as free holistic medicine. The three main reasons why altruism benefits our health are:

1.       Lowers stress levels:  Giving back to the community fills you up with positive emotions consequently lowering your stress levels.  As stress in our body decreases, our immune system gets a boost and is much more effective in protecting us against diseases or viruses.

2.       Makes negative feelings and emotions disappear: Anger, aggressiveness, and other negative emotions will poison your body inside out.  They make you physically sick and affect your overall health. When you give back and help those in need, these negative feelings have been proven disappear as a result.

3.       You will live longer: Research shows that people who have provided help and support on a constant basis to others in need actually do live longer than those who don’t. Although there is no scientific explanation for this, the statistics are fact.

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