Alzheimer’s affects women more than Breast Cancer

Alzheimer’s disease has given new numbers according to the Alzheimer’s Association. Their latest facts and figures report states that 2 out of 3 patients with the disease are women. The risk of developing the disease in women is of 1 in 6 when in men is of 1 in 11. 

This new information gives women a new preoccupation since Alzheimer's is twice more likely to strike compared to breast cancer. In fact, to many women the main concern is this type of cancer, therefore, Alzheimer’s could fly below the radar and surprise them at any time after they reach the age of 60. And age is among the risks of presenting this mental condition but is not the only explanation. Experts are also researching if genetic and hormonal differences could be the explanation of this new data. Compared to the decrease on the death toll of breast cancer, Alzheimer is sadly on the rise.
Alzheimer authorities have to battle constantly for awareness funds and media attention, they are part of a large list of diseases reaching for a bigger budget and audience attention to prevent it. Unfortunately once diagnosed, there is no turning back since there are no effective treatments for this type of dementia.
This unfortunate disproportion is also affecting female caregivers for Alzheimer’s patients. Of those taking care for relatives affected by this disease, 60% are women and according to the same report, the care they provide is more intense emotionally and physically. The average period of time it could take to care for a patient could be of 4 to 7 years. Estimates say that for this year the cost of Alzheimer’s care could be of around $214 billion. 
The Alzheimer’s association and its chief of strategy have reminded everyone of the ugly truths of this medical condition saying everyone is at risk and even if we try to do everything right to prevent it, that will not stop it. Despite of these declarations, they also say there are many different ways of preventing or delaying the disease. The risks factors can be reduced by adopting “healthy brain habits” like being active in all areas of life, mental, social and physical, along with maintaining a healthy diet.
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