Apps for the Diabetic Community

As everything becomes more simple, fast and available, diabetes is also transforming and becoming a disease that gets more simple to control. And I say transforming in a way that it is becoming more technology friendly each day. Diabetes affects 8.3% of all Americans, 25.8 million children and adults. The diabetic community is so large that it would take 20 Hawaii's to house all of them, so it's pretty obvious that among that community you’ll find all types of professions, doctors, lawyers, teachers, app developers… It took only seconds to find millions of apps created to control this disease and as one of the apps slogan says, most of them are created “by diabetics for diabetics”. Imagine being connected to all diabetics in the world, people who know what you are going through. So here is a small but substantial list of the highest rated apps for diabetes.

Social Diabetes: Winners of the UNESCO WSA mobile healthcare award in 2012. The facebook equivalent for diabetics, but not only that, they help you manage your disease. It can adjust your dosage in real-time based on what you eat and also track your behavior patterns and exercise that could lead to any signal of health complications. Their main philosophy is to prevent health problems before they happen.

dbees: An easy to use application that helps you control your glucose levels. No matter the type of diabetes, the main task is to adjust the appropriate dose of medicine or insulin and continuously control the blood sugar concentration. It helps you register and archive your results as long with additional features and even letting you share your information securely with your doctor.

SiDiary: makes the diabetes management much easier. Simple data capture and analysis help you improve your therapy. It is a software that merges all data from your phone and even from some compatible glucose meters to your computer.

Glooko: it is a cloud-based unified diabetes management system that strives to add efficiency to your diabetes control efforts. It offers a glucose meter adapter for your phone, syncs your data from the meter to your phone and the application.

Diabetic Connect: a place to start conversation with a specific topic in mind, Diabetes. You can follow discussion, forums, ask questions and even contribute with your own comments to interesting posts. As part of a community you have a lot in common with you will find more than empathy, you will find friends.

WaveSense Diabetes Manager: helps you track your glucose results, carb intake and insulin doses. User friendly ways to enter your data fast and conveniently and it will provide you with graphs and charts. It also feature award winning educational videos about healthy lifestyle and good eating practices.

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