Are you getting enough Sleep?


If you wonder if you get the proper amount of sleep, here is a rhetorical question that can help you realize if you are: Do you need to go the alarm clock each night to wake up the next day? If so, most likely don't get enough sleep. Nor if you wake up with bad side, in a bad mood or go direct to the coffee maker and serve up several mugs of coffee until you feel somewhat like a functioning human being.

The majority of people do not take their sleeping habits seriously, ignoring the fact that they could very well be causing potentially serious harm to their bodies. Lack of sleep can kill your brain cells. Now we don’t mean to scare you, but lack of sleep is a commonly self-afflicted harm that we are not aware that we are doing to our bodies. The average person will have occasions through out their lives that will have them have nights where they sleep much less than the recommended 7 hours. But, the body somehow will find a way to rest up and get charged. However people who constantly abuse their bodies by not sleeping properly could be harming themselves much more that they can imagine.

People with insomnia or trouble going to sleep constantly have a poor night and rough mornings. While there are ways to properly achieve rest there are ways to make your night sleep easier. For example, It is essential that you have a good mattress or too soft or too firm. If you have a mattress that is older than ten years, sleep experts recommend that you change it to a brand new one, and also make sure that you have pillows that are comfortable but not to excessively soft. When shopping for one, do not be shy and lie to try it out, if you sleep with someone on a regular basis, go ahead and have your partner go with you.

There are several adjustments that need to be made in the bedroom to provide an ideal sleeping environment. Silence is very important, so in case that sounds disturb you and there is nothing you can do about it, you can use earplugs to isolate of the noise that stimulates the brain. Also make sure that you darken the room to the maximum. In nature, when night falls, the temperatures drop. Low temperatures help the body to instinctively be roused to sleep.

If you are a person who drinks sodas or coffees constantly, try to not drink caffeine six hours before bedtime. That way you will not have any artificial stimulants making it difficult for you to sleep. If you are a restless person who is constantly preoccupied by your daily life, try to meditate, relax, pray or be in silence, or listen to soothing music at low volume to help relax the brain.

If your intention is to rest, then you should be focused and dedicated to it. Avoid any distractions that can stimulate the brain, like the radio, TV, cell phone, tablet or a computer near lit.  One common mistake that we do in our pre-bedtime ritual is to wash our teeth immediately before going to bed. Normally this activity, alongside with removing make up, are performed in a bathroom that is well-lit and it might wake us up and inadvertently stimulate our brains.

Another often-overlooked key to a good night sleep is how you wake up. Although the alarm clock is fundamental for the most of us, ideally after several nights of a strict night sleep, your body will be accustomed to the same hour that you usually wake up, and for the most part you may not even need the alarm clock. Also is you normally wake up feeling sore and with back pain, do not disregard this as it could mean that you have an underlying condition that might require treatment. Do not try to self-medicate, visit a physical therapist or chiropractor.