Atmospheric Pressure and Coastal Pain Management and Rehab

Changes in weather can have an influence of people’s health. One of the ways that weather changes can manifest themselves is in the form of atmospheric (or barometric) pressure fluctuation. A healthy person may not even notice when atmospheric pressure changes, but if you ask an elderly person with arthritis, they will tell you with more accuracy than a meteorologist when air pressure decreases. How can they know for sure? Well, because their joints will ache even more than they usually do. Atmospheric fluctuations are common to all locations, but they are more or less frequent depending on the geographical area.
 Atmospheric pressure can be defined as the weight of the air, measured by a barometer. When the air is cooling and raising, and less weight is pushing down, it is said that there is low pressure. More weight and sinking, warming air mean that there is high pressure. Weather phenomena can disturb barometric pressure. For example, storms are heralded by decreasing pressure (which is why pain allows some people to predict when a storm is coming), while solar winds increase pressure. Gravity, temperature and altitude also play a part on whether air pressure goes up or down. 
It is believed that pressure changes stiffen the joints and provoke a painful stimulation of the nerve cells. There are two ways to manage pain brought about by atmospheric changes. One way would be to move to coastal cities and towns. In the United States of America, that would mean Honolulu, HI; or San Diego, CA. These are the sort of areas where there are fewer barometric changes, so an arthritic person’s joints wouldn’t bother them as much there. On the other hand, cities and states not on the coast can be hell on the joints, such as Philadelphia, Iowa, and Texas.
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