Attack of the Migraines! Strike back with Medical Supplies

 A migraine is a disabling condition that affects over 12% of the US population, this condition can be prevented and treated with medical supplies commonly available to the general public. Here we present you with some important facts about this condition that affect so many of us on a daily basis, plus we take a look into what can you do to stop it.

What are Migraine pains?

Everybody has a headache every now and then, but people who suffer from migraines know how the pain can be paralyzing. Not all headaches are migraines, or do migraines share the same characteristics of headaches. Although its cause is unknown, the pain that occurs due to a dilation of the arteries located in the skull. Several theories have been studied about the nature of the condition. It is now believed that migraine is a constitutional disorder with genetic basis. The precipitating causes are difficult to identify and different in each person, but the most frequent ones are: Genetic predisposition, Age, Stress and/or anxiety, lack of sleep, and external factors such as the lighting of a room, the glare of a computer screen, weather changes, certain strong smells, and so on.

Is it the same as a headache?

Not all migraines are alike, that is why it is important that if you suffer from chronic migraine that you consult with your doctor about the proper way to deal with the pain and how to mitigate it. Also, consult about what are the correct medical supplies to aid yourself with. It is a common misconception to think that migraines can only be treated with painkillers and medication, when in reality there are several different medical supplies available to the public that can help provide relief.

How can you treat Migraines besides painkillers?   

Furthermore, migraines are addressed by soothing the discomfort, but also by dealing with migraines from a preventive stance. Here at Discount Medical Supplies we have a variety of items made to help relief the pain caused by migraines as well as preventive supplies for our customers.

·         Placing a Cold Therapy compression pack, on the forehead can effectively help relax and calm the throbbing sensation produced by migraines. It is a great non-invasive, alternative way to soothe the discomfort and pain.

·         When enduring migraine pain, many of our customers follow the advise of their doctors to go and lay down with an eye pillow. Discount Medical Supplies offers the Brownmed IMAK Ergonomic Beads Eye Pillow, this item is ideal for the relief of migraines or other headaches. It conforms to the face and eyes, blocking out light allowing you to rest.

·         Finally, a lot of people who suffer from migraine visit Discount Medical Supplies to look for an Electrotherapy device to help them deal with the pain from this condition. One of the most popular of their choices is the TENS AA digital unit. This is an innovative TENS AA digital unit that is powered by AA batteries. It comes with 5 treatment modes, it is very effective to treat migraine and headaches.

If you are dealing with migraine pains on a regular basis, we advise that get a doctor’s advise on how to proceed. We here at Discount Medical Supplies offer a variety of options for possible ways to address this condition.


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