Autism link to Iron Deficiency during pregnancy uncovered

Autism link Iron Deficiency

A very important discovery in the field of autism was announced recently, as researchers claim to have found a connection between Iron Intake and autism. Experts from UC Davis carrying out this investigation, stated that they have found a clear and evident relation between autism and the lack of Iron intake during pregnancy. This groundbreaking discovery, comes  as a result in a pioneer investigation of Autism and it’s causes.

This study was carried out by researchers at the UC Davis MIND Institute. Iron Deficiency is a common circumstance among a lot of women during their pregnancy. The researchers have sad that the association between lower maternal iron intake and increased ASD risk was the strongest, especially during breastfeeding after adjustment for folic acid intake.

Also, the experts in charge of this investigation had also stated that they had found out that the risk of autism also is higher specially for mothers aged 35 or older that at the time of their pregnancy were obese or diabetics.  Since iron deficiency is a common situation on a large percentage of expecting mothers, the results invite for further investigations that could eventually lead to a cure for Autism.

The research relied on reviewing the maternal iron intake, including vitamins, and other nutritional supplements and cereals during the three months prior and through the end of pregnancy. Beside autism, iron deficiency con potentially bring Anemia for the expecting mothers. It is the most common nutrient deficiency as it affects up to almost 50% of the population.

Iron is crucial and vital for early brain development; it contributes to neurotransmitter production, myelination and immune function. All three of these mentioned could be linked to autism.

Those expecting mothers who had the “best” results were those who took a fairly high amount of prenatal iron. This population among the test volunteers, proved to have a considerably lower risk of autism. However, it should be noted that experts did state that Iron intake is different in all of us, as there were (in a large minority) women who had take Iron but still had their child receive an autism diagnostic.

The results gathered by this study, open a new door for further research on the causes and nature of autism and possibly a wide range of other psychiatric disorders such as depression and bipolar disorder. With this results, further studies have been ordered already as they are positive but cautious of the possibilities of uncovering other links to iron deficiency has on unborn children.

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