Sit back and enjoy the view… or not…

Continuing with our articles on pollution, we now talk about another type of underrated menace that we do not give enough importance too. Visual pollution is a real threat to our physical and mental health.  By becoming more aware of our visual surroundings, we learn to shield ourselves from the visual pollution around us. 
Visual pollution can be the trigger for you to have either a good day, or a bad day. Eyesight, when we are blessed enough to have it, is connected to emotions and wellbeing.  We all love celestial sceneries as much as a clean city.  Granted, there are those who could care less, but you know what I mean.  
It is safe to say that in some cases visual pollution is an extension of other types of pollution.  Stepping out into the city and seeing trash on the streets, gigantic billboards, tangled up electricity and phone lines, graffiti, thousands of cars, smog all around, gas emissions and more, sickens our minds and bodies just by the sight of it all.
At night, there is a limit of light that our eyes can approve of.  Illuminated signs and the excess in city lights and car headlights can affect our health as well.  Over illumination can and will cause adverse health effects that can even trigger more complicated conditions. Headaches, fatigue, hypertension, stress and mental conditions are only some of the negative health effects that visual pollution may cause due to excess of light. 
Did you know?
  • If you have a bad, clustered and dirty view out your window you will be 40% more prone to suffer from depression. 
  • If you are constantly having to drive in city streets, your stress levels will be much higher than those who have to drive along countryside roads. 
Another worrisome fact about visual pollution is how bad it is affecting tourism in many areas. When tourists begin seeing trashed cities, polluted rivers, smog, and damaged structures of important buildings falling apart, they are likely never to come back.  When they pay for vacation they want to see beauty and wonder. 
Visual pollution is a real threat that we should all be aware of. It is everywhere you go.  So open up your eyes and although much of it is out of your control, try you best to give yourself a break every now and then from the clusters in front you on a daily basis. 
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