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The Futuro Comfort Lift Knee Brace is perfect for patients who need to support injured, weakened, or stiff knees, whether it is post-surgical support or extra support to prevent recurring injuries. Its design helps to support the kneecap (patella) by offering moderate mechanical pressure to enhance patellar tracking. In addition, its trademarked spiral lift design is helpful in avoiding pinching and interfering with blood circulation. It can be worn during the particular activities that cause discomfort.


·         Body Part: Knee   

·         Color: Beige   

·         Injury: Swelling, Arthritis, General Soreness    

·         Product Type: Sleeve    

·         Size: Each, Large (17"-19.5") Each, Medium (14.5" -17") Each, Small (12" -14.5)    

·         Support Level: Mild    

·         Support Level Description: Provides mild compression, support and proprietary heat retention to help relieve symptoms related to minor sprains, strains, and arthritis. Can be worn all day comfortably.    

·         Indicated for: General soreness, arthritis, swelling


Breathable dual-stretch power knit fabric for comfort round the clock, helps to provide relief and compression, includes a comfort panel that decreases bunching behind the knee, comes with a smooth sleeve design that conforms to the natural shape of the knee and can be worn discretely under garments, is easy to put on and take off, and can be used on either knee. This knee brace supplies just the right amount of pressure to help keep the knee functional and give users the confidence they need to go about their daily routine.


This knee brace is made with natural rubber latex which may cause an allergic reaction. Some users have also complained that it may migrate, that it was too tight, and that it may bunch around the knee. Most users, though, claim that it relieves pain so that consumption of painkillers may be reduced, that is comfortable under clothing, that it enables walking even with arthritis, that it provides dependable support, and in general that they would recommend this product to other people who are having knee problems.



·         Slide the support up the leg and over the knee, starting with the wider end.

·         Make sure that the woven area is at the front of the knee.


·         Hand wash with warm water and mild soap.

·         Rinse well and air dry.

·         Do not use washing machine, tumble drier, hot water, bleach, or fabric softeners. Do not dry clean.