Do Back Supports help relieve Ankylosing Spondylitis?

The Mayo Clinic defines anklosing spondylitis as one sort of inflammatory disease that happens to cause some vertebrae in the spine to stitch together, causing an individual to hunch or difficult to raise the head up properly. This condition is more often seen in men than women and often begins to appear in early adulthood. notes that there is no official cause defined for this condition at this time, but bacterial infections and a genetic history of AS in your family may contribute to the presence of this condition. Those that have frequent gastrointestinal infections may also have an increased risk of developing AS.

Understanding the Complications

AS can vary in the way it develops from person to person but there are some symptoms that will need to be watched for.

•    The Mayo Clinic notes that anklosing spondylitis can cause heart problems, compression fractures, eye inflammation that leads to eye pain and difficulty breathing.

• also notes that you may experience frequent painful episodes that can be difficult to manage.

Once you have been diagnosed with AS your doctor will let you know which signs and symptoms to watch out for. Infections or fractures should be treated as quickly as possible, to avoid potential complications that can lead to other major health issues, warns the Mayo Clinic.

Dealing with Your Condition

Anklosing spondylitis treatment largely revolves around managing symptoms of this condition, to make it easier to manage everyday activities.

•    Performing gentle exercise can help to manage symptoms and avoid further deterioration. Using a Hygenic Corp Thera-Brand Exercise Mat can ensure that you are comfortable and do not cause further stress during exercise.

•    The Magister Corp Hercules Exercise Mat provides additional cushioning for those that may be performing exercises on the floor.

•    When sitting it is important to use items such as a lumbar seat back support cushion to minimize pressure on the spine.

There is no known cure for AS according to so treatment focuses on minimizing the pain so that it is easier to function at a normal level for as long as possible. Some new medications have been found to slow the process of this disease, and in some cases prevent the disease from taking hold but this cannot be guaranteed for any patients.

The Mayo Clinic recommends that nonsteroidal anti-inflammatory medications such as Aleve or Indiocin can be used to keep inflammation and pain at bay as much as possible.