Bad Habits: Easy to catch, hard to let go

bad habitsIn some cases you might think some of these are “normal”.  In other cases you might not even notice that you have them. No matter how you see it though, these bad habits will affect you in ways that you can't even imagine.  Bad habits can ultimately cause so much damage in your life and  the life of your loved ones that we only hope that by exposing them in this text, you consider making a few changes in your life. Some you already know about and have been told all your life. Others might surprise you. 

Bad Habit #1 Picking your nose is one of the nastiest and unfortunately most common bad habits. Let’s face it, we all have the need to clean our nose at least once in a while.  Cleaning your nose is very different from picking your nose though. Ditch the habit of picking your nose and leaving nasty greenish evidence behind (or under any surface) and get in the habit of cleaning your nose.  When you pick your nose you enhance the possibility of spreading infections such as the cold and flu. Once the finger has been in your nose it will infect anything it touches.  It can also work the other way around. If you happen to touch an infected surface and then stick your finger up your nose, it will mean a guaranteed ticket to the doctor as these types of viruses are easily transmitted though the mucus.  Whenever you do need to clean your nose, resort to saline solutions, q-tips or others and despite not doing with your fingers make sure you properly wash our hands really good once you are done.

Bad Habit #2 Picking your mouth works in a similar way than bad habit #1. You might want to clear something stuck between your teeth in the absence of a toothpick by using your fingers.  Or we can go as far as thumb sucking on kids and adults (my little sister sucked her thumb until she was 16).  Hands are constantly dirty. Everything we touch is never 100% clean therefore it is impossible to keep our hands fully clean. Bottom line is: Get your fingers, nails and hands out of your mouth! It is a nasty habit and it will make you sick easily.

Bad Habit #3 Excessive alcoholic intake is not just a party night out thing, it’s a dangerous bad habit and it will get you hospitalized or even killed. Excessive alcohol drinking can lead you into serious long term health conditions especially affecting the liver. There are other more immediate complications that you can suffer from when you go on a binge drinking spree such as fatigue, dizziness, weight gain, digestive issues and others.

Bad habit #4 “Night owl” syndrome comes in as one of the bad habits most people like to ignore. When exams are around the corner we might have a need to do an all- nighter and sometimes there is no way around it.  However, when you become a night owl out of habit, that is when things start getting rough.  When you constantly go without at least 6-8 hours of sleep everyday your entire body gets a big hit. Your immune system is one of the first ones affected and then other body systems and functions start going wrong and out of bounds. Your body needs proper rest to fight against diseases and to help you get through the day alert and awake. In school you will not be able to retain information, process information or concentrate effectively.

Bad Habit #5 Hank Williams sings “I’m so lonesome I could cry” and if you get in the habit of singing it too, you are incurring in bad habit number five.  When you have a positive mind you feed yourself health and wellbeing from the inside out.  When your mind is not healthy and positive, your immune system gets punched surrendering your body to various health complications. If you spend your time feeling sorry for yourself, thinking how you need a social life but not working on having it, you are headed down a bad road. The habit of feeling stressed, frustrated, and in despair and not doing anything about it is a terrible bad habit that you need to get rid of ASAP.

Bad habit # 6: Using headphones for long periods of time is sometimes necessary, at least in my case it is. As a writer working in a noisy office, sometimes loud instrumental music straight to your ears is what stand between a good article and bad one due to lack of concentration. Nevertheless, it is still a bad habit if it is done on a regular daily basis. It is no surprise to anyone that loud music from earphones can and will cause hearing loss. The problem is actually the volume not the headphones. Bring it down!

Bad habit #7   Becoming a couch potato is one of the worst bad habits you can ever allow yourself to get into.  Not only do your eyes get hit very hard after long hours of watching television (sometimes nothing worth watching) but your heart’s health also gets hugely affected.  It has been proven that those who spend hours in front of a TV are destined suffer from heart attacks, stroke and obesity. Sugar will be on the rise in your blood and fat will begin to build up in your body.

Bad habit #8   I know women like to walk high and sexy with their high heel shoes. I don’t do it because I am extremely tall and I would probably look ridiculous but if I had the proper height, I would have probably used high heels.  Using high heels is such a bad habit though.  Tendon injuries, arthritis, back pain and heel related conditions are only a few of the situations you put yourself through when you wear high heels. No more than 1.5 inches is recommended by doctors when it comes to high heels. Granted it is not sexy and imposing enough as some women want them, but overall, it’s a win on your health.

Bad Habit #9    The next bad habit of importance to go against is picking up heavy loads.  I used to be the type of person to never make more than one trip from the car to the house to carry grocery bags. Even if that meant I would have to carry extra heavy loads and pretty much have my hands fall off from my arms, there was no way I would go back and forth. Big mistake!  Carrying heavy loads can cause you short and long term complications to your back, neck and overall posture.  It will seem your body is aging prematurely.

Bad Habit #10 You get home late and extremely tired from a party or reunion and all you want to do is crash on the couch until the next day.  Been there! Next morning you wake up, you look in the mirror and you have the Heath Ledger’s Joker looking back at you.  Falling asleep with your make up on is very damaging to your skin.  Sleeping with eye makeup can irritate you’re your eyes and even trigger vision loss.

Bad Habit #11 Anxiety and stress can trigger unnecessary snacking. When you disrupt your eating pattern your body will fall out of balance.  When you over eat you put in extra calories in your body along with health menacing ingredients that can  open the gates for conditions such as diabetes, heart problems, acidity and other digestive complications.

Bad Habit #12 It’s nasty, it’s stupid, it’s annoying to others, and it’s a silent killer.  Smoking prompts blood clots to form and ultimately develop plaque throughout the circulatory system. Smoking triggers horrible conditions that affect the brain, heart, lungs, mouth, throat, stomach, skin, reproduction, fertility and bones.  To make it the nastiest habit yet, smoking will also affect non-smokers around you in the same way. They don’t have to put the cigarette in their mouth to suffer the fatal consequences of this disgusting habit.

Bad Habit #13 The Pinocchio Syndrome is also a degrading bad habit.  You might be surprised to see I am mentioning lying as a bad habit, but you would be surprised how damaging to your health and to the health of other lying can be.  Although lying might get you out of trouble momentarily, in the end it will trigger stress hormones that will lead the way to anxiety crisis and headaches. When you lie, you have to understand the ultimately, the truth will be known and that nothing can turn back time to make things right sometimes.  The truth shall set you free of heart aches, stress, headaches, anxiety and a bunch of other problems that can unravel.

Bad Habit #14 The pill popping habit can take you on a terrible ride all the way to your grave. It’s that simple. If you are the type of person that will take medication for every headache, menstrual cramps, and other minor pains, you need to stop right now.  This also applies to vitamins, nutrients and even natural medication. If you are leading a healthy life and eating right, chances are you will not need extra things that your body already has.

Bad Habit #15 We have all heard the saying “Breakfast is the most important meal of the day”. This truth is the truest of them all.  If you had any idea how much skipping breakfast affects your health, you would get up a few minutes earlier every day to make time for a good timely breakfast.  Your digestive system is the first one to take a hit and go on a down spiral.  Once that happens, your energy reserve and your metabolism also begin to get affected and make you gain weight, triggering other complications.

Bad Habit #16  Whether it is due to little time or because you just like it too much, the habit of eating junk food the moment you have the chance makes the list of silent killers.  Not only your waistline will suffer the consequences of the fat, sugar, spices and artificial preservatives found in junk food, but your overall physical and emotional health will be compromised. High bad cholesterol, diabetes, heart conditions, and last but not least emotional conditions such as depression, are on the top of the list of things that will make way into your life when you get in the habit of consuming junk food.

Bad Habit #17 Nail biting is usually seen on children however there are many adults that have a major habit of biting their nails (and even the skin on the tip of their fingers).   As constant travelers and always stuck to your body, your hands and fingers are touching things, picking up things and scratching things all day long. As a five star hotel to germs, putting your hands in your mouth can get you as sick as you could not even imagine. This is a dirty habit that you must do anything in your power to stop.  Sometimes anxiety is the culprit for nail biting, so looking into your emotional and nervous system is also a good idea. 

Bad Habit #18 Your sexual health is more important than you think.  Some people, due to stress, a busy life, or even just because they don’t want to date or be with anyone, tend to get into the bad habit of ignoring their sex life.  Sex is an aid that helps your immune system strengthen and of course, if you are in a relationship, it will reinforce the bond between you and your couple. If you believe you have lost your libido, we advise you to consult with your physician because the condition can be a symptom of something more complicated such as hypertension, active thyroid or a hormone imbalance.

Bad Habit #19  Fast eating is a bad habit that can give you excess gas, cause acidity, make you bloat and stir up your overall digestive health.  At the very least you should be taking 20 minutes to eat a meal regardless of it being breakfast, lunch or dinner. Take it slow, enjoy your meal for the sake of your health. 

Bad Habit #20  With no intention of getting into your personal life, the last bad habit we want to mention is the unhealthy relationship habit.  You might want to stay with that person out of habit (because sometimes the love is gone without you even noticing).  However, when the relationship turns dangerous in a way that there is violence of any type going on, or your significant other is asking you do participate in activities you don’t approve of, then you got the problem called “unhealthy relationship”.  Besides the physical dangers, this type of situations cause stress, blood pressure incongruence, digestive system conditions, immune system failures and more.