How to Use a Bath Transfer Bench Guide?

Don’t know how to use a bath transfer bench?  There is nothing much to it, actually, but it doesn’t hurt to look into it a bit closer. In broad strokes, a bath transfer bench is an aid for moving in and out of a tub or shower, and for taking a bath or shower in the interim. After you buy one of these benches (such as the Padded Adjustable Transfer Bench from Discount Medical Supplies), but before you use it, you need to know how to place it.
Tub floors are usually higher than the bathroom floor, so the two legs of the transfer bench that go inside the tub need to be adjusted in such a way that they are approximately at the same level as the two legs that go outside. If all four legs are adjusted to the appropriate height, the bench should not be resting on the tub wall. The inside legs should be as near to the tub’s far wall as it is possible, the same side on which the handle should be. Make sure that the bench is stable before it is used. Users with limited mobility should rely on supervision and/or assistance. Use an Invacare Non-Slip Bath Mat for enhanced safety when using a bath transfer bench.

Transitioning from a wheelchair to a bath transfer bench
Park the wheelchair next to the bath transfer bench and facing the front of the tub. Lock wheelchair wheels. Slowly transfer your torso from the chair to the bench, followed by lifting your legs into the tub. Scoot over into a comfortable position in the center of the transfer bench. Lift your legs out of the tub when you’re finished, and then lower your torso back into the wheelchair. 
Transitioning from a standing position to a bath transfer bench
Sit on the outside portion of the bench. If the bench has a side arm, grab it for balance and slide to the center of the bench, lifting each leg over the wall of the tub. Once you’re done, slowly slide to the edge and lift your legs out of the tub. Push down on the seat to return to a standing position. 
If the bench has suction cups, pull up on the tabs on top of the suction cups to remove the bath transfer bench. Dry the bench after each use, and wash it with mild, soapy water (don’t use abrasive cleaners).