Bathroom Safety Hazards: Watch your step!

Bathroom safety hazards

Accidents can happen anytime, anywhere and no one is exempt. However some can be prevented. Those bathroom safety hazards need to be examined more closely when caring for an elder person or if he or she lives alone. That small private room of the house can be a risky space, so watch your step! Statistics have shown recently that a little over a quarter of a million people over the age of 15 make a trip to the ER due to bathroom related wounds; 14% of those visits end up in hospitalization. Hence, the importance of having the correct safety measures around the house and specially in the bathroom that often times can be a slippery place.

People over the age of 85 are more related to these bathroom safety hazards than the common public. This older group suffers more than half of their injuries near the toilet.  Judy Stevens, an epidemiologist with the CDC and creator of the statistic report says "Injuries getting on or off the toilet are higher in people 65 and older". The elderly commonly have more difficulties with mobility, vision and balance making them more likely to fall or slip which covers a large amount of this demographic group.

These emergency mishaps are strongly related to slips, sprains, contusions, fractures and concussions. Researchers have studied people ages 60 and older on how they normally go in the tub or shower (while fully clothed), and a third of the participants demonstrated difficulty climbing in the bathtub, by striking one side of it or the shower door with their legs. These last were the ones presenting more problems, 75% of this public used the shower glass door for balance or stability, making it a serious danger because bathroom glass doors are not created to support a person's weight.

The final report presented by this statistic recommends further research whether grab bars and/or tub transfer benches could prevent these injuries, especially on the elderly public. Having grab bars inside the shower or bathtub can be useful  for people in their older years, and also have them close to the toilet to avoid any possible harm by fall or slips.

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