Bathroom Safety: Hotel Jacuzzi Safety

Not everyone can afford to install a jacuzzi at home, so people who are traveling and get to stay at a hotel room with its own jacuzzi might understandably be tempted to try it out. Jacuzzi safety is a part of general bathroom safety that you will be glad to know about so that you can enjoy a jacuzzi whenever the opportunity arises. 
There are several ways to test an unknown jacuzzi to make sure that it is safe to step in. For example, you can throw a small coin in the water and look at it as it rests on the bottom. If you’re unable to make out if the coin rests on heads or tails, that means that the water isn’t clean. If the water smells dank or swampy, or if the sides of the pool where the water hits feel slimy, then you can bet that it isn’t a user-friendly jacuzzi. A reputable establishment will likely have a jacuzzi maintenance record; if the hotel you’re staying at doesn’t have one, or doesn’t let you see it, or if it is sketchy, you’d best take a rain check on the tub. 

Then again, you can always test the water yourself, if you can get your hands on a pH test strip kit; sort of like a pregnancy test for jacuzzis. Dip and hold a strip of paper into the water, and follow the instructions in the package to assess whether the pH is within safe range for human use. Another tell-tale sign is the drain cover, or lack thereof. Large grates or dome-shaped covers should cover all drains to keep hair from being trapped. Old or absent drain covers mean that the jacuzzi is especially unsafe for children and people with long hair. 
In addition to jacuzzi safety, remember to check for bathroom safety in general, such as bathtub mats and grab bars. Since you can’t really choose the safety items that you may or may not find in a hotel room, you can consider yourself lucky if the managers have installed products like Invacare Bath Safety Treads, or Firmgrip Grab Bars. Or you can even buy a Safe-er-Grip Swivel Suction Tub Bar by Invacare Supply Group – available at Discount Medical Supplies- and bring it with you just to be on the safe side.

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