Battling Dysphagia with Medical Thickeners

Dysphagia is a condition where the person who suffers from it has difficulty swallowing.  The problem results from a failure in the esophagus camera, which is the muscle tissue that allows food and liquid to from the posterior side of your mouth and into your stomach. It is more common in elderly patients, in babies and in those who suffer from a nervous system or brain condition.  When we swallow, we are actually incurring in an entire process where Dysphagia can happen at different phases.  It can happen when we are sucking or chewing the food and attempting to move it into the throat. This is the oral phase.  It can also come about the pharyngeal phase that is where we begin to swallow and squeeze the food to go down our throat while we close the airway to avoid the food from choking us.  Finally, it can also happen in the Esophageal phase.  During this phase the openings of the esophagus tight and relax to get the food into the stomach. 

No matter what phase of the swallowing process is the affected one, using medical thickeners is by far one of the best solutions to this problem.  A product like the Easy Instant Food Thickener turns consistency of the food into a thicker and safer aliment that will benefit patients who are swallowing-impaired.  These thickeners have been engineered to work on hot or cold food and on liquids such as supplements and others. The beauty of these medical thickeners is that although they will alter the consistency of the food, the taste of flavor will be intact. It is as simple as adding it into the food and blending it quickly.  After one minute of thickening, the food will not be thickened anymore to avoid it getting over viscous. In addition, the most important aspect of this particular product is that it is completely digestible. 
There are many kinds of medical thickeners in the market nowadays and Discount Medical Supplies carries a wide variety of them. Anything from thickened juice of different flavors, to unflavored food thickeners you will be able to buy at the most affordable price in the market.  Brand name thickeners such as the Thick-It line is also available at our online medical super store.  You will even be able to find thickened water. 
There is no excuse for a poor diet if you or a love one you are suffering from Dysphagia. There are many options out there to make your food optimal for your consumption under such condition and better yet if they bring a discounted price!