Beginner’s Guide to Purchasing Medical Supplies and Equipment Online

To someone not used to buying online products it might seem hard and even a little scary at first, but once you start getting around the internet market you will see it is far more simple than stepping out of the comfort of your home or office. Which is why I bring to you the complete beginner’s guide to purchasing medical supplies and equipment online.

My mom is one that usually comes to me first before doing any purchase online, mostly for certainty than to make the purchase itself. However she says she needs to be sure she has the right product and that the website is safe before placing her order. It is true that some unscrupulous people take advantage of people like my mother who are not net savvy, but there are many pages that are safe and offer assisted guidance through the whole buying process.

Take this page for example, Discount Medical Supplies has tried to be user friendly as one of its main purposes since its creation. If at any point purchasing becomes too overwhelming, you can always chat with their team of experts and they are also a phone call away.


Now, if you are like me, you like to take on challenges and venture into the unknown and are decided that you can make that online purchase on your own. Or, necessity struck and you are a busy caregiver who doesn’t have time to go to the store to buy your medical supplies and equipment. Either one, here are a few tips to guide you on the market.

Know what you need. Otherwise you wouldn’t be looking at stores online. If you don’t exactly know the name of the product try looking for the manufacturers name. Another good tip is looking for the Stock Keeping Unit (SKU) number that is sometimes outside the box of the product itself, it is like the product’s ID number.

Be on the right place. Once you know what product to purchase make sure the website that sells it is a secured site. Look for logos like an antivirus, another good seal is the “PayPal Verified” logo that tells you it is not a tricky page that is collecting your personal information. Also look for reviews of the website, those can be pretty helpful and make of you a confident shopper.

Take your pick. Check the product is the right brand and  quantity. Then once you have everything you need in your cart, click on the “checkout” or “buy now” button. Most online stores have that button that will lead you to entering your shipping and billing information.

Proceed to checkout. At checkout you will need to fill a few spaces requesting your billing information as well as your physical address. Another important aspect to check is the time of delivery, if it is urgent make sure to select the overnight delivery, otherwise the two day or ground deliveries are available.

Double check. It doesn’t hurt to be cautious and make sure everything is right which is a very important step for beginners. Check you have the correct quantity, the right pricing, shipping address and billing information.

Got coupons? Still looking at a store like Discount Medical Supplies, they constantly have promotions and special coupons for their customers. Check for those in their site or on their social media profiles. Make sure to enter the coupon code before hitting the final order placement button of your medical supplies and equipment.

Click, you’re done! After clicking the order placement button, the system will give you an order number and will tell you where to keep looking at your tracking information. This data is also sent to you in a confirmation email along with a newsletter if you subscribed. Once you have the tracking number, you can go to the carrier website, enter the number and it will tell you the location of your package.

Keep in mind that help is always available, either online in their chat or by phone. Don’t be afraid to ask to clear any doubts you might have when placing your medical supplies and equipment order.

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