A Beginner’s Comprehensive Guide to Nutrition And Supplements

guide to nutrition

Most people are unaware of the many benefits of having a healthy diet, even more so the benefits of aiding your regular diet with nutrition supplements. Simple and easy changes to your nutrition can truly make a whole world of difference. We here at Discount medical Supplies have a wide variety of Supplement and Nutrition products for you to choose from.  However, you might not know what could be useful for you. That’s why we have created this comprehensive guide to the basics of Dietary Supplements and Nutrition.

All Natural Nutrition Products have different benefits for different body functions. For example, you might be aware that Cranberry Juice is a natural diuretic and can assist people that have certain urinary problems. Cranberry Juice Extract Capsules, the benefits from Cranberry juice are extracted and concentrated into small capsules that can be taken safely to help support the urinary tract health. Nutrition products take the main benefits of natural ingredients and maximize them and make them available for an easy to ingest fashion. Another perfect example is Daily Cell Defense Herbal Antioxidant And Immune Boosting Tea, this tea is not only delicious it also has the capabilities of boosting your immune system; it helps protect the body against the effects of cell damage by providing herbal support and protection. Like these products our catalogue includes many other that can bring many surprising benefits.

Amongst our products we also offer nutritious meal supplements like the Ensure Shakes. These shakes provide a balanced and complete nutrition; they can work either as a meal supplement, replacement, or in between-meal snacks. For people who suffer from diabetes there is an option for meal supplements, it is called the Glucerna Ready-To-Drink Shake. It can also function as a snack, supplement or even a meal as part of a diabetes management plan.

A Healthy vitamin intake also has its many benefits, and to ensure that your body gets the nutrients it needs, we have nutritional drinks like the Nestle Boost Nutritional Drink. This drink comes also as a supplement and an in between-meals tasty snack. If you’d rather take your vitamins directly, the alternative to this is to directly take a multivitamin supplement. This way you can be sure that your body ingests the necessary “40 nutrients” required each day, and balancing a healthy diet with it can help you meet your body’s nutrient requirements.

These are just some of the many dietary supplements that we here at Discount Medical Supplies offer our customers. Their many uses are directly related to the needs you might have. You could either balancing your diet or ensure you take the nutrients your body needs, but also they can allow those with a digestive problem, such as trouble swallowing (dysphagia) and have a prescribed liquid diet due to a medical condition.


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