Best TENS Therapy for Back Pain

While there are many therapies and treatments out there for back pain, perhaps one of the most effective and trusted is TENS therapy. According to WebMD, TENS stands for transcutaneous electrical nerve stimulation. This health care treatment utilizes an electric current of low voltage that is used to target back pain. TENS therapy is usually carried out using a small device, hooked to a special belt and connected to a pair of electrodes. An electric current is passed from the device, through the skin.
The Do’s and Don’ts of TENS
At the heart of TENS therapy is the ability to stimulate the nerves, which in turn can block pain signals. This can also cause the stimulated nerves to produce the body’s natural painkillers.
While this is a great technology, there are some issues to be aware of including:
Only use TENS for the reason prescribed by your doctor and let him or her know immediately if your condition changes.
Don’t leave electrodes on the skin for an extended period of time without monitoring the skin.
If you develop a rash or burn where electrodes are placed, discontinue the use of TENS therapy and contact a health care professional. 
Don’t use TENS on broken or irritated skin.
Don’t use the device in conjunction with heating or cold packs.

TENS Therapy Units
There are several TENS therapy units to choose from based on an individual’s particular health care needs and concerns. 
Some of these include:  
TENS 3000, 3-mode with Timer Tens Unit is safe and non-invasive. This machine is simple to use yet effective with its analog-based operating system. This unit takes advantage of exact dial performance.
Deluxe TENS Unit, Dual Channel, Single Mode is not only great for back pain but headaches, general muscle pain and sports-related injuries. This versatile device is simple to use; both the frequency and pulse width can be adjusted to suit a patient’s needs.
Digital Ultima Five TENS is adjustable by delivering therapy through two different wave forms. The best thing is that all information is displayed on a large LCD screen that is easy to read and understand.
TENS therapy is a simple yet effective technology that has been effective for many sufferers of back pain. It is able to alleviate the pain associated with chronic back pain and even target the root causes to prevent possible future complications. 

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