Bladder Cancer Treatment: Best when caught early

Specific causes of bladder cancer are still unknown according to WebMD, but we are gaining an increasing knowledge of risk factors that may lead to this condition as well as ‘important steps’ you can take to treat this cancer.

There is no sure way to avoid bladder cancer. Although, following good safety habits that prevent the inhalation of toxins, staying hydrated, consuming a healthy diet and avoiding smoking are great preventative measures that can be taken be taken into account.

When to Seek Medical Attention

There are some symptoms of bladder cancer that should receive medical attention as quickly as possible.

•    If you have severe pain in the flank or back that is getting worse, you should seek out medical attention. This is particularly important if the pain worsens when you urinate.

•    Tell your doctor if you are only urinating small amounts or have begun urinating significantly more frequently than normal.

•    A common sign of bladder cancer is a significant amount of blood in the urine.

WebMD notes that bladder cancer is significantly more treatable when it is caught early. If you have any reason to be concerned, it is better to play it ‘safe’ rather than putting yourself at risk.

Addressing the Risk

Those at risk for developing this condition or in a period of watchful waiting before treatment can take steps to better manage the situation.

•    Chiro-Klenze can be used to flush away toxins that can build up in the body and contribute to cancerous conditions. This can also help to take down swelling in the body that can be contributing to bladder cancer pain.

•    After surgery or other treatments you are likely to be sore. Sombra Warm Therapy roll-on can provide a soothing warming/cooling effect that can help manage these aches so you can relax and attempt to get some rest.

•    It is quite common for doctors to measure your urine output during treatment. They may ask you to continue this treatment at home. If you are unable to move well, urethral catheterization trays from Medline may provide the assistance you need to continue this monitoring system.

Surgery, intravescial therapy, radiation or chemotherapy are common treatments for this type of cancer, according to the American Cancer Society. Some methods such cleansing the system can be performed, alongside these treatments, to help enhance these therapies.

Only use alternative medicine for cancerous growths that is accepted by your doctor, as there are some ‘less than credible’ sellers that attempt to pass off fraudulent products.