Bowel Incontinence: Symptoms and Treatment

Bowel incontinence can affect a variety of people in a variety of different ways. While some individuals may suffer from relatively mild symptoms, others’ health care issues maybe so severe that they may need to completely change their lifestyle. No matter the particular case related to incontinence, there is an incontinence bowel treatment for everybody. When choosing a treatment, there are a variety of symptoms to be aware of.
Symptoms of Bowel Incontinence
According to Medline Plus, there are several factors that can cause bowel incontinence.
 They include:
Chronic constipation which can lead to the muscles surrounding the intestines and anus to weaken. It can lead to chronic diarrhea and stool leakage.
Overuse of laxatives
Bowel surgery
One’s reduced awareness of when the rectum is full and needs to be emptied
During childbirth, damage to the anal muscles
Severe hemorrhoids
While there are many more causes, these are some of the most common.
Incontinence Bowel Treatment
There are several treatments that can be implemented to help with bowel incontinence, including allowing a health care professional to manually break up fecal masses, adjusting one’s diet and certain medications can be prescribed.
An incontinence bowel treatment can be put together in the comfort of one’s home, through a variety of products. 
Some of these include:
Invacare Vinyl Pull-on Pant is reusable and washable. The soft vinyl not only provides superior comfort but can cut down on the crinkling noise that can be a dead giveaway for the garment. This allows for more dependability and discreteness. The waist is elasticized, which provides security and dependable protection.
Medline Premium Knit Incontinence Underpants are a versatile garment and fit seamlessly under clothing. These pants can be washed multiple times and still hold their fit and shape. The special weave construction makes it extremely comfortable over the skin. They also work well with a variety of pads and liners.
Dignity Disposable Protective Underwear is dependable and secure. This underwear is designed for comfort and is skin-friendly. 
Once you are finished with the pants, you can easily tear them at the sides and dispose of them. The 3-layer core is extra absorbent and will keep you feeling clean and fresh.
The right incontinence bowel treatment can be tailor-fitted for each individual, no matter the severity. While bowel incontinence can be a socially awkward problem, there are different viable solutions available to ease this problem. 

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