Breast Cancer Stages: Avoiding Metastasis is a Must

The National Cancer Institute notes that ductal carcinoma beginning in the milk ducts is the most common type of breast cancer. However, lobular carcinoma is also common, typically after this condition has spread from other areas.

Breast cancer is a large threat to those suffering from it, partly because it will often spread to other areas of the body, including areas such as the bones that can be very difficult to treat. Breast cancer also reoccurs which can increase the risk of having to undergo treatment multiple times.

Invasive Versus Non-Invasive    

What are symptoms of breast cancer often varies based on the type of cancer the patient is attempting to manage, according to Medical News Today.

•    Breast cancer that is invasive will break out of the ducts and lobules, invading nearby tissue.  If this cancer makes its way into the lymph nodes, it can spread throughout the body.

•    Non-invasive cancer remains inside the organ where it originally began to grow. This is often referred to as pre-cancerous.

If the growth is detected at the non-invasive state it is often much easier and safer to treat. This is why constant screenings and home detection are essential for patients.

Keeping Ahead of the Disease

Battling cancer can be quite difficult, but having the right supplies on hand can help to keep your body in the best shape possible, to limit your potential discomfort.

•    Breast cancer treatment can often lead to fatigue and stress. Using the handheld face and body massager from NuVita can help you release tension and aches that are normally experienced during this time.

•    Similarly, in order to make your hospital stay more comfortable during your treatments, a Body Benefits massaging neck rest can create an air of comfort.  This can also release tension if you were required to hold an awkward position for long periods of time during radiation therapy.

•    It can be difficult to get the nutrition you need during cancer treatments because it can be hard to swallow.  Resource thickened water from Invacare can make it easier to stay hydrated without having to ‘force’ your body to consume heavy meals.

Those that are at risk for developing this type of cancer are encouraged to talk to their doctor about preventative measures that they can take to prevent the growth or spread of this cancer to other areas of their body.  The National Cancer Institute estimates that around 232,340 women are diagnosed with this cancer every year, with as many as 39,620 deaths stemming from this disease.