Breast Cancer Treatment and Facts to Keep in Mind

The Mayo Clinic notes that breast cancer is one of the most common cancers in the United States, just behind skin cancer. Because of this high risk, there is a great deal of focus on finding treatments and helpful tips that can better manage the ‘risks’ associated with this disease.

New Research on Potential Risks

As research potential grows, more people are learning about items that may not be effective in managing breast cancer.

• notes that cosmetic procedures intended to return the patient to a sense of normalcy may in fact increase the partial-breast irradiation that can damage patients.

•    Studies, the most recent being from the United Kingdom, are noting that mammograms may not be as effective in detecting or preventing breast cancer. They may also be bad for the breasts as they can damage tissue.

•    Some research is noting that failing to get enough sleep and working late at night may increase your risk of breast cancer.

Many studies regarding this new science are ongoing, which does limit the information available. It is important to work with your doctor to learn as much as you can, about how to manage your cancer risk.

Treating Cancer at Home

During treatments it will be up to you to gather the tools you need to continue combating the disease at home.

•    Breast cancer awareness groups often note that getting plenty of exercise is essential to building up your strength. Starting with something easy like 2 pound cast iron weights from Fabrication Enterprises can allow you to begin exercising without over-stressing your already weakened body.

•    Those that have needed to undergo surgery may not be able to sleep on their stomach for some time. Using a Thera-Cushion from Invacare can help you find comfort and support as you work to become used to sleeping on your back.

•    Cancer treatment often involves a great deal of needles and using substances that may cause wounds on the skin. Using non adherent gauze dressings from Invacare can help to keep these spots protected.

The Mayo Clinic notes that there are not yet alternative medical techniques established for combating this type of cancer. However, alternative treatments such as expressing your feelings, visualization, muscle relaxation and gentle exercise are often used along with traditional treatments to better manage the stress and fatigue associated with battling cancer.

Spending time with family and friends is also helpful in keeping stress levels low so you can focus your energy on managing your symptoms.