Breg undersleeve for knee braces for running: Osteoarthritis

The Breg neoprene undersleeve may not be what first comes to mind when speaking of knee braces for running; osteoarthritis (OA) however can be such a crippling disease that being able to perform daily activities will feel like running down a dream. This product increases the comfort level of a knee brace so that you will feel like you’re wearing nothing – on your knee, that is. At the same time, it improves functionality so that you will to go back to doing the things that you enjoy the most in no time flat.


·         Slip-on style.

·         100% neoprene.

·         For unicompartmental OA, chondral defect procedures, and meniscal procedures.

·         Open patella.

·         Fits comfortably under Breg functional knee braces.

·         Additionally, it can be used with all X2K and Fusion knee braces.

·         Ideal as a barrier for sensitive skin.

·         Suitable for soft tissue containment.

·         Quantity and Size: Each, Medium. Each, Large. Each, X-Large. Each, 2X-Large. 

·         Durable and easy to use and wash.

·         Ideal for sports and daily use.

·         Brace not included.


This neoprene undersleeve prevents skin irritation resulting from brace rubbing against the skin, and reduces brace movement as well. Its variety of sizes including L, XL, and XXL allow it to fit thigh circumferences of 20, 21, and 22 inches respectively. This product improves brace suspension, decreases brace migration, provides warmth, helps reduce joint stiffness, and is not bulky. According to the only Amazon user who has reviewed this item, “Makes wearing my brace much more comfortable. Ordered an XL but was a bit to big but made due [sic]. Biggest fix [sic] and what I like is now my brace doesnt [sic] slip as much anymore. Quality piece [sic].”


People may not be accustomed to wear a sleeve under their knee braces for running. Osteoarthritis, though, makes the use of such an item almost mandatory for enhancing comfort and mobility.


This undersleeve is recommended for users with a small-sized calf that leads to inadequate brace suspension. The brace strap across the calf depends on muscle mass to remain in its proper position. In lieu of a thick, large-sized calf, the Breg undersleeve is the next best alternative.