Burn Treatment Instructions: Home Burn Wound Care

Whether it’s a chemical burn or a burn from a hot stove, many types of burns can be treated at home with no medical assistance. Burn wound care at home is a lot easier than most people think. One reliable and sure-fire way of treating a burn at home is by utilizing wound care tape. Once it is applied, it can immediately begin to relieve pressure and pain and start the healing process.
Do’s and Don’ts
There are several do’s and don’ts when it comes to burn wound care at home.
According to the University of Wisconsin-Madison’s School of Medicine, never apply ice directly to a burn since it decreases blood flow, thus preventing healing.
Wash burns at least once a day.
Do not wrap burns that occur around the face and ears.
Do not smoke since it slows down the healing process as well.
Do use moisturizing creams to prevent additional drying and peeling.

Dressing and Bandaging Burns
Once you have the critical health care information needed to address your burn wound, you are ready to dress and bandage the wound. The most convenient and economical way of doing this is through wound care tape. Tape is especially great when it comes to burns since it can alleviate the pressure and give the wound the perfect environment in which to heal.
3M Healthcare 3M Nexcare Transpore Clear First Aid Tape is the #1 clear tape used in hospitals. It is flexible, porous and breathable to aid in comfort and healing.
Tenderskin Hypoallergenic Paper Tape by Invacare is gentle and is especially beneficial on dressings that need to be changed frequently. It is durable and firm and the breathable material prevents the occurrence of skin rash.
3M Healthcare 3M Blenderm Tape provides a water-proof barrier for the skin. This wound care tape is also hypo-allergenic and protects wounds from external liquids.
The health care needs of burn wound care can easily be met by even the most novice of patients.  You must pay attention to critical information and know the ins and outs of caring for your wound.  When it comes to supplies, a dressing and the right wound care tape can work wonders.  The right tape will aid you in the healing process while preventing unwanted consequences.  When burns are treated correctly at home, there’s no need for a costly doctor or hospital visit.