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All you should know about asthma

Submitted by Mariela Miranda on 16:09

Asthma is a dynamic condition. Those who suffer from it know that one day they might be breathing fine and that the next one they might be having a hard time. There are few things you have to take in consideration if you or someone you love suddenly develops an asthma attack. Sometimes it can be very hard to anticipate yourself to the condition, but knowing your facts and action plan can be extremely useful.

15% off list on all Bath and Shower Safety Products

Submitted by Mariela Miranda on 09:37

Another week another promo! This time we put our focus on safety!  From today, January 16 until January 22nd, we will have a 15% off list on all Bath and Shower Safety Products.  Bathroom injuries are more common than you think, and while they are prone to happen mainly to the elderly, anyone can suffer a bath injury.  Even toddlers, when learning how to shower by themselves, can get hurt.

Grab on to Safety: Grab bars are good at any age!

Submitted by Mariela Miranda on 17:04

What is a grab bar?  You might believe a grab bar is a shower safety product that you place in your shower or bathtub when you start getting old, right?  Wrong! Grab bars are for anyone at any age. Grab bars have become an important of our everyday life.  Even as toddlers, you could see grab bars in classrooms, staircases at school, grab bars to get on and off the school bus and more. Nowadays the most common use of grab bars at home is when there is an elderly person in the house.  Grab bars not only allow the person to have more independence, but they also help the caregiver provide a better and safer care.  Another common reason why someone decides to install grab bars in their bathroom is after an injury or operation.

Fitness New Year’s Resolution? Make it happen with DMS!

Submitted by Mariela Miranda on 09:17

Is getting back in shape one of your New Year’s Resolution? Do you have an injury that is stopping you from achieving your goal?  This week’s promotion is the solution for your problem. Recover faster and safer with our fitness supplies and enjoy a 10% discount off your order of $75 or more.

Ring in the New Year with Savings across the Board!

Submitted by Sebastian Morera on 09:18

There’s no better way to ring in the New Year than with some savings on your most needed medical supplies. Without a doubt Discount Medical Supplies has the best deals on the best products and we’re starting the year off by living up to that reputation. The best way to ensure success in 2017 is by starting off on the right foot. In other words; by taking advantage of these stellar deals!

Get the comfort you need and save on Pillows and Cushions!

Submitted by Mariela Miranda on 12:53

After the holidays and family gatherings you might feel tired, restless and in need of a very well deserve sleep. That is why this week we have a wonderful promotion to go with that feeling. Save 10% on all orders in our Pillows and Cushions section!  When you don’t sleep well, especially if it happens to you often, your body starts suffering in many ways. Lack of sleep can lead to incapacitating medical conditions.

Heavy Duty Suction Pump Machine medical supplies review

Submitted by Sebastian Morera on 09:48

The Heavy Duty Suction Pump Machine is a type of respiratory medical supplies that is ideal to meet your suction requirements.

Portable Digital EMS with Timer and Carrying Case review

Submitted by Mariela Miranda on 09:18

The Portable Digital EMS with Timer and Carrying Case is an example of the electrotherapy category at Discount Medical Supplies online.

Last Minute Christmas Shopping? DMS has your back!

Submitted by Mariela Miranda on 12:16

Ugh! The stress of last minute Christmas shopping! If you are one of those people running around trying to buy the gifts you forgot or didn’t have time to buy, then this is for you! And if you are not, it is also for you because who says you can’t treat yourself to a little something this week? 

Free Shipping on Drive Medical Products

Submitted by Mariela Miranda on 10:33

We have a wide variety of Drive Medical Products in our inventory and this week if you order any of them you will be getting free shipping on your order.  These wonderful products are specifically made to provide independence to the user.  They rank among the favorite brand requested by caregivers, healthcare specialists, clinics, hospitals, hospice, and more.