Can a hangover be avoided?

This has been a questions that generations have asked time and time again. Waking up with discomfort, upset stomach and headache, are symptoms that can really make your day miserable. And even though it is often associated with nights of heavy alcohol intake, just ingesting small quantities of alcohol can produce a hangover.

Now, it is very likely that as you read this you are probably thinking or remembering a “sure-fire” recipe to avoid hang overs or to cure them. From drinking glasses of water before and after drinking alcohol, to eating certain type of food after a night of drinking and so forth, all these home remedies for a hang over, are not yet been scientifically proven. However, it has been stated that smoking tobacco while drinking alcohol can only worsen the symptoms of a hang over.

Since it is a nuisance that affects millions of people throughout the world, and that a possible solution to it would be without doubt a success in the market. There have been several attempts by scientists and researchers to come up with a solution to this complication, although, for the time being, they have not had much success.

And they haven't been because, according to research by scientists from the University of Holland and Canada, there is no possible remedy for a hangover. This rather emphatic and blunt statement was made during a Conference of the European College of Neuropsychopharmacology held in Amsterdam, this past week. According to the researchers, that drinking water, eating, and some advertised hang over prevention medication has been scientifically proven to work completely.

Their research consisted in examining the data of 1615 human subjects (in Canada and Holland) that factored their drinking habits and their practices the day after a night of party. In their study, the were able to also able to determine that most of the common remedies are not necessarily working.

Among those home remedies one that did had a bit of a more positive reaction what to a hangover, and that is to drink enough water to keep your body rehydrated. Drinking water before and after stepping out for a drink, can help cover that need. However the same scientists conducting this study have said that this practice is not that much effective and that it did help some of their test subjects, not all had the same reaction.

Finally there are two very simple and easy ways to avoid and later cure a hangover. First is to drink with moderation. Granted, certain people might experience slight symptoms of being hangover the next day. But if you only drink in small quantities the symptoms might be just a bit mild. As for curing a hangover, the researches have stated that a light workout (a very light one), can help you sooth some of the symptoms that this condition can bring.

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