Can Kinesio Tape save Sergio Agüero’s World Cup?


Slowly being planted in the collective conscience, kinesio tape is becoming more and more prominent and visible during important sporting events. Mainly currently the most important sporting event is the World Cup. As it evident on the name, the entire world has its eyes fixated on the matches and as the tournament progresses to the more exciting and nail biting moments, the top players are expected to perform and demonstrate why they are so well regarded by soccer fans everywhere.

One player in particular that has had a bit of a difficult time this world cup is Manchester City and Argentina’s Sergio Agüero. Kun, as he is known by all soccer fans, is regarded as one of the best strikers playing right now. Which is why when he went down during the group stage match versus Nigeria, Argentinean fans gasped as he was forced out of the game. Initially the gossip that flew over the internet was that Agüero was diagnosed with a torn muscle, and injury that ended the world cup for him. However, recent reports show a small window of hope for all soccer fans, and of course fans of La Albiceleste team.


The Physio team for Argentina is currently working on Agüero’s left thigh trying to getting him back to be match fit before the World Cup is done, and if luck should have it for Argentina to reach the final game, We might see him come back to the pitch. If that was to happen, he will very likely be sporting a kinesio tape on his left thigh.

Now his recovery plays a huge role for this to happen. According to recent interviews Argentina’s Physiotherapist team lead by Luis García has stated that they are keeping a watchful eye on his recovery and with regular physiotherapy and the aid of Electronic Muscle Stimulators. And so far they appear to be optimistic with the current developments Kun has been showing to therapy. The question remains if he will be able to be available to be picked up for a game during this world cup.

If he does get match fit and able to play, kinesio tape would be the ideal aid for him. Placing it right on the skin on top of the affected area would allow for better blood flow, letting the muscle heal and preventing from any further injury. Also, it would give him the extra step to feel completely healthy and be back to his full potential.

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