Can the TENS 7000 relieve tendinitis?

The electrical impulses emitted by the TENS 7000 unit may certainly be used to relieve the pain caused by tendinitis. However, this pain management device does not cure the condition itself, something that is accomplished with rest, physical therapy and medications. In severe cases though, surgery may be required. Either way, as long as the pain related to tendonitis lasts, it may be alleviated through the electrical stimulation produced by the TENS 7000, insofar as it is recommended by a doctor.
What is tendinitis?
You may have heard about this condition under different names, such as tennis elbow, golfer’s elbow, pitcher’s shoulder, swimmer’s shoulder, and jumper’s knee. Moreover, you may even be liable to experience tendinitis without actually having been previously known as a renowned tennis player, golfer, pitcher, swimmer or jumper. Basically, tendinitis refers to an inflamed or irritated tendon. Tendons are the cords that connect muscles to bones, and though any tendon in the body is susceptible to the pain and tenderness that result from tendinitis, the ones around the shoulders, elbows, wrists and heels are particularly vulnerable. 

More often than not, tendinitis is developed over a period of time, during which the tendons have been subjected to repetitive motion, either at work or during sports activities. Since in many cases we can’t or won’t give up either our jobs or our hobbies, it is important to employ a proper technique to lessen the impact that repetitive movement has on the tendons. Of course, tendinitis may be the consequence of a sudden injury in some instances. Regardless of the cause, common symptoms include a dull aching pain, tenderness, and possible moderate swelling. 
Aging tendons lose flexibility, which is way age is a huge risk factor. We mentioned occupations and sports as potential causes. More specifically, jobs that entail repetitive motions, awkward positions, frequent overhead reaching, vibration, and forceful exertion, and sports like baseball, basketball, bowling, golf, running, swimming and tennis are all conducive to tendinitis to some degree. 
Tendinitis may be prevented by alternating some physical activities and avoiding others, stretching before exercising, improving exercising techniques, and using workplace ergonomics. Failing that, medications such as corticosteroids and pain relievers and physical therapy may be prescribed to reverse the damage. The TENS 7000, though, can be a great alternative to drugs, because it relieves pain without side effects. At any rate, the priority is to take palliative measures before the tendon ruptures, which could warrant surgical intervention.