Can't walk the walk? Here's how you heal your ankle pain...

Most cities have an ankle & foot clinic that is designed to care for emergency patients with ankle or foot related injuries. These clinics may be located within a hospital or may we be standing independently but connected with a local hospital for care and treatment. 
What to Expect at a Clinic 
If you have never utilized a specialty clinic for health care, you may be concerned that the services are inadequate in some way.  This is not true.  Their staff is trained medical professionals including podiatrists, orthopedic specialists, and physical therapists that specialize in rehabilitation of such injuries. 
Most of these clinics are able to: 
  • Perform tests with modern technology including MRI and CT scans 
  • Accurately diagnose cause and extent of injury 
  • Develop a treatment plan to include initial treatment, surgery and rehabilitation as needed
  • Provide physical therapy to enhance recovery 
  • Recommend after treatment protection plans to include suitable devices
This is especially important when the Achilles tendon is involved.  The London Foot and Ankle Center highlights the problems of waiting to see a physician for this injury. 
“Achilles tendon rupture is, in a proportion of cases, not diagnosed and therefore not treated properly. Surgical repair of the tendon is not essential in every case – but a proper assessment and decision about whether surgery is required cannot be delayed. Only fresh ruptures are suitable for treatment without an operation.”
Typical Devices Used by Ankle Foot Clinics 
Most clinics are equipped with something similar to a Care Tech II TENS/EMS unit. This is normally used during the rehabilitation or transition phase of treatment. These units are used by professionally trained and licensed personal-- to stimulate muscle and nerves surrounding the injured area.  
The procedure helps improve muscle strength and range of motion, especially when an injury has been immobilized – such as a broken ankle that has been in a cast. By sending electrical waves through the tissues, the nerves and muscles experience something similar to passive activity that gently massages the area of damage.  Gentle massaging of damaged tendons and ligaments is known to reduce pain, as well. 
Another typical device that is used for the relief of pain and muscle tension is the Ultra TENS Combo unit. Instead of using electrical signals, this unit employs ultrasound waves to distribute passive massage therapy to acute and chronic muscle injuries.  
For the best diagnosis, treatment, and care, specialists should be the first to examine your injury.  Emergency room care at hospitals are able to provide some of these services but generally do not have a podiatrist or orthopedic surgeon on staff.  
As a result, treatment may be limited to minimal first aid standards because only a few x-rays are taken which are unable to show the extent and type of injury.  

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