Cardio Disease Prevention:Stop Smoking & Start Breathing!

Your cardiovascular health is essential to your overall health. The Cross Mark page notes that physical activity is essential to maintaining your heart and circulation, to prevent additional symptoms. Doctors specializing in sports medicine will frequently focus on improving ‘heart health’ to gain endurance and speed as well.

Some are at risk for cardiovascular damage due to genetics, poor activity levels, smoking, poor diet or other risk factors. These individuals will need to pay particular attention to the health management options they choose so they do not further aggravate their condition.

Risk Assessment

A large portion of maintaining your cardiovascular health comes with determining your risk for developing issues in this department, notes the Mayo Clinic.

•    Those that have a family history of cardiovascular health problems may need to undergo laboratory tests to establish their risk. This may include specialized testing.

•    Laboratory tests may also be used to check cholesterol levels, blood pressure and other basic vitals.

A personalized treatment plan may be formed based on your habits, symptoms, lifestyle and health history. Those that are already showing cardiovascular risk may need to take on other treatment options, based on what their ‘already stressed system’ can manage.

Managing Your Symptoms

Being able to monitor your cardiovascular progress is essential to making progress toward better overall health.

•    There are some supplements for cardiovascular health on the market, but much of the improvement in this category stem from making sure you get high amounts of nutrients in your diet. Ensure Shakes by Invacare can provide plenty of vitamins and minerals without unneeded cholesterol and salt.

•    Monitoring your current heart rate is essential for those in poor health. This can let you know if your heart rate levels are rising to a point that could be unsafe so you can get medical attention. The Pulse Oximeter from Diagnostix is particularly helpful for this purpose.

•    Getting plenty of exercise is essential to building better heart health. The body sport vinyl dumbbells at 1 lb. can be a great way to get started, offering resistance without straining your heart.

The Mayo Clinic includes exercise training, preventative medications, nutrition counseling, physical activity counseling, smoking cessation and the use of dietary or nutritional supplements as part of their risk reduction program. This is designed to reduce your symptoms and improve your overall health, to put less stress on the heart.

Those already at risk for cardiovascular damage should work closely with your doctor to determine your best course of action to reduce this risk.