Cheap Adult Diapers: Overnight Protective Underwear

cheap adult diapers

Looking for cheap adult diapers that are highly absorbent and ensure prolonged use, yet are as simple to use as a pull-on brief? Take a look at Tranquility Premium Overnight Protective Underwear. This product is easy to put on at night – during which its ‘Peach Mat’ technology will work effectively to disperse urine and control odor – and even easier to take off in the morning, thanks to its tear-away sides. In addition to that it has a cloth-like outer backing which provides discretion and quiet movement. This incontinence underwear can absorb up to 34 oz of fluid.

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·         Can hold more than a quart of liquid.

·         Soft, porous fabric.

·         Tear-away sides simplify removal.

·         Available in many sizes.

·         Inner leg cuffs for leakage protection.

·         Blue leg elastics indicate overnight protection.

·         Maximum Protection.

·         Latex-Free.


This one has been grouped among the most effective pull-ons available today due to its comfortable fit, which allows for both day and night prolonged use. It is also recognized for the ease with which elderly patients can use it without assistance. Its trademarked ‘Peach Mat’ inner design is a super-absorbent construction intended to keep the skin dry, control odor, neutralize urine pH, protect the skin, and prevent the growth of bacteria and fungi.


A few users report that Tranquility underwear may leak, especially when it is near its full capacity, prompting the fluids to go through the diaper and wetting the bed. Others complain that sizing may sometimes be inaccurate. Another common quibble is that they are not designed to meet the incontinent needs of a side sleeper. Even with these minor setbacks, most users find that these diapers still perform much better than most similar products. And the fact that they are cheap adult diapers doesn’t mean they are not high quality products.


Users who have to deal with leakage may resort to inserts or bed pads to keep beds dry. An user review in Amazon recommended removing a small inner elastic seam if there is abrasiveness to the skin; according to the user, removing this band does not interfere with the product. Another user says her elderly mother tried to flush one down the toilet and it absorbed almost all of the water in the tank. While the veracity of that statement is debatable, it does provide a segue for this final recommendation. Remember to dispose of adult diapers properly in a waste basket; never flush them down a toilet.